Friday, 20 July 2012

A Poetic Status.

This is a compilation of my facebook status updates.

image source: linked here.

The jewel of earth are the spring blossoms,
Amid thousand varieties, the marigolds dazzles.
Yet, the beauty of marigolds, they bloom on hilly cliffs,
Neither quenching the bees thirst, nor appeasing the heavenly gods.

The sun that illuminates this world has sunken in western horizon, 
And the beams of crescent moon, it drifted above the nimbus shades.
Thus the temporal world of mine, its shrouded in darkness
And this lonesome journey, its sees no destination.

Oh, the angel of my bygone childhood ages,
Thee turned to a stunning young maiden.
Throbbing my heart, the cherubic damsel.
Why gloomily you leave me now, my beguiling village.

If with the silken care, life turns debacle.
In desperation, then with wrathful dagger, pierce it hard.
Let the bloods of discontentment ooze harder.
Leaving a vacuum, where toxics can refill.
For its odds, that is paid best, and not the bests.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Pain of Parting.

From the memoir of a song which I heard some years ago, 
the verse of which still echoes my ear.
image source: google rinpoche.

The three precious words which cradles my heart,
I longed to express to you but without a chance.
Yet between you and me, the wind of ill fate blew,
Making us part, for there wasn’t an alternative.

When in the summer’s heat, I troubled of thirst.
By fate, I encountered you, the mountain spring.
Yet I am saddened when the stream flowed away,
Leaving me in pain, like the fish on the dry shore.

The beauty of rheum, it blossoms on alpine hills,
The silver moon, please don’t wane and fade but wait
For  our parting today is a transient fate,
May the circle of karma bring us together.

P.S: Its a rough translation of a Dzongkha song.