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I was on Blogger since April 2010, but my first post appeared only in November 2010. It took me almost six months to become an active blogger with regular prose and verse feeding my blog. Now you might be wondering why I took such a long time to start posting articles on my blog. The reasons are obvious. I didn't know what blogging is in first hand and secondly I thought Blogs are meant for some good and nearly perfect write ups. Besides I am one such person whose writing contains neither charm nor fun, so I feared sharing such nonsense of mine on Blogsphere, where world wide web can view it.

But after reading many blogs and Journals of fellow Bhutanese like Passu Diary, Penstar, WordsWorthMillion, Bhutan: Land of Thunder Dragon, Dorji Wangchuck, And there is more to life, to mention few, I found that many of them share anything that struck their mind, be it their career, their hobbies, their families, their opinions and feelings etc... Therefore I also made my mind to start blogging regularly by posting anything that comes in my mind and posted my first article on 2nd November 2010.

And thanks to fellow bloggers and my visitors from home and away, and with your valuable comments I am able to keep my pace of posting at least one writing in a week. I follow almost every new Bhutanese blogs I encounter but sometimes I forget to do so at the first instant but I do check whether I am following them or not. I also read all updates of the bloggers which I follow. This inspires me to write more. I too have a number of followers either via blogger or networked blogs, and I am thankful to all of you.

All the writings and works of creation expressed here are my personal feelings and opinions unless quoted or stated therefore I would like to request my visitors to kindly bear it if it contradicts with yours.

The posts are filled under different categories created by myself so you may browse any category by clicking on it from the side bar.
Essays and opinions are best filled under "What I Feel" while "Free Thoughts" contains my own philosophies of life. As life goes on, we faces ups, we faces downs, we have summers of hope and winters of aspire; be it small or magnificent, be it glitz of glamor or bits of humor, hurting loses or joyous victories, everything that relates to my life are filled under "Life and Experiences." Call it non sequential flow of verses, or free flow of words, the nonsensical hymns or melodic rhymes, everything in the form of verse are posted in "Poetry." Everything written in memory of our Heros of Nation or to commemorate some important days which are very significant in history are posted in "Day in History." Meanwhile there are other minor categories under which I post the spontaneous write ups.
So viewers, if you like my blog and its contents, please follow me either HERE or through networked blogs HERE Your valauble comments be it praise or constructive criticism are heartily welcomed.

The contents are written with my best ability in English but mistakes are something which we cannot avoid therefore bear with the mistakes and numerous errors, for its all mine. The beauties if any are the blessing from Above.

Finally, please don't reproduce any contents from this blog without a prior consent from the author. 

Thanks for visiting and Keep Visiting.