Saturday, 21 May 2011

On Hearing the Joyous News- About the Upcoming Royal Wedding.

Photo: K5 fan page/facebook

The news like the thunderous roar,
It spread with the speed of light.
And was heard in the depth of the dungeons,
And far into the darkest corners.

A luminous wave of joyousness,
Glistened the land of Thunder Dragon,
And tender breeze of ecstasy,
It brushed the blisters of Bhutanese.

Overwhelmed with happiness,
We rejoiced the royal announcement;
The wedding of K5 in October,
With the heavenly princess, Jetsun Pema.

Her countenance, uniquely beautiful,
And her heart, caring and compassionate
Is what K5 described; “she is warm
And kind in heart and character.”

Divine is our king,
Selfless and compassionate;
And our royal bride is a Dakini,
The embodiment of Jetsun Dolma (Tara).

With the blessings of Dharma
And the fortune of peoples karma,
May the union of our Royals,
Bloom for endless eternity.

Yet, with eagerness and excitement,
We the nation awaits the October day.
To solemnly witness the Royal Wedding
With joy in heart and pride in soul.

- Son of Soil,


  1. Long live the King and the Queen......

  2. @Leoparsica grt words...keep going...:)

    Pelden Drukpa Gyalo... Long live the King and the Queen...

  3. Thanks for dropping by and expressing your sincere prayers together with my feelings, friends.
    Long live our beloved Druk gyalpo and Queen. :)

    @ Sangye: Thanks for your inspiring comment. Keep visiting la.

  4. Great one as alys dear!! We alys love and cherish going thro ur writings.........keep writing and we will keep enjoying tub! Luv it))

  5. Thanks for dropping by AMNW,

    @ Anony: Its a great pleasure hearing such a words from you. Glad to learn that you are following my scribbles regularly. It adds more quantum of spirit in me. Keep visiting la.
    Thank you.

  6. Indeed divine is your king and gorgeous is your queen :) Lovely poem :). Now I can post queen photos on my wall next to the king :) and in few years heir of the Wangchuck Dynasty :):)

  7. Nice..:D....Long Live our King and the Queen!!!!!!

  8. wow its great work of art :D long live our king!!!

  9. @ Anu: for sure you can post the queens photo also, and ya soon heir will follow. Thanks for eying on it,:)

    @ Rekha, Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Anony : thanks for your comment. Keep visting.

    Its pleasure having you all joined me in expressing our gratitude in our little gesture.