Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Where are You?

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In the lonely night,
When stars are few,
And moon amid clouds,
I wonder why
The moon is alone?
With its rays
Not reaching the ground
And the stars
They fail to twinkle.
Oh! The wind of consciousness!!!
Where are you?

In the distant place,
With friends few
Far in the foreign soil,
Seeking for wisdom
But amid adversities,
The path seems thorny,
Oh! The results of My karmic deeds!!!
Where are you?

My heart though fonder,
With truth of feelings,
Yet its chambers,
Its state of emptiness,
Now my thoughts ponder
And i wonder why?
The calls of my silent heart
Remained unheard.
Where are you?
My destined love!!!

Oh! fate, guide my way
From the miseries of

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