Saturday, 7 May 2011

To My Beloved Mom
From the mysterious darkness of alien realm,
You brought me to the world of limitless gleam,
Making me sense, the worlds beauteous elation,
At the cost of your own precious jubilation.

 The moment I cried first, was your only moment of delight,
And the second time I cried, it induced in you infinite fright.
From the deadly pains of ailments and evil spirits,
You nursed and cured me with your courageous spirits.

For the soup you saved for me during the time of famine,
For the first word and advice, you gave me to act humane,
And the newest suit you bought for me despite financial crisis,
I owe to you a lot, for your love, care and infinite sacrifices.

For all the pleasure which I gained along my way without fail,
I owe to you for the perfect guidance, you directed me to sail.
The success which I acquired is the result of your bless,
And your blessings that calmed my fear are my only source of bliss.

When I was in pain, you are the only one beside me,
But when you are in agony, I fail to be aside thee.
I cry for such a foul play of fate, separating son and mom,
Though I aspire to be near you for all the time to come.

Lucky is me, having blessed with a caring mother,
And I am proud to call your name, my wonderful mother.
Though distance shall bar the way, I will be near you one day,
And make you proud of me, for you have glittered my way.

With lots of Love and Gratitude
Your Son,

P.S: Dedicated to My Ageing Mother and All the Gracious Mothers on Earth.


  1. Lovely poem....You have rendered the love for your mother beautifully. Sorry about the separation.I am sure You have made your mother very proud.


  2. proud to hv u s a son ...4 evry mother...

  3. "I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." ~Abraham Lincoln.
    Mother never anticipate misfortunes to befall on her children. Her prayers are the guiding principles for the success of her children. Pay back to our gracious mom.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the post, Anu and Ugen ST. Visit again. :)