Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day.

The light of consciousness,
That you radiated to dispel my darkness
The beam of perception,
That you emitted to disperse my ignorance.

The words that you taught
To make me social,
And character you developed in me
To make me special.

The hope of realization,
That you instituted in my bewildered thoughts.
And the boundless love you showered
To make me realize the value of my life.

The limitless wisdom that you bequeathed,
To replace my worthless assets of stupidity.
And the path that you directed me
Towards the brightest destiny.

For everything that you did,
Selflessly and whole-heartedly for my goodness,
I am thankful to you, my teacher,
For I have no words to express my gratitude.

With sincere prayers for your good health,
With faithful respect for your virtuous deeds,
For opening my eyes and building our nation,
I wish you "Happy Teacher's Day."

P.S: Dedicated to the teachers who taught me in particular, and all teachers who by virtue, took teaching as their profession in general.


  1. awesome are one of those few writers i have come across who can write poems and stories...all genre of writing very fluently...keep going bro,,::)

  2. yap..vry nice..teachers influence affect till eternity...i join u to wish happy teachers day..keep writing..

  3. @ Sogyel, thanks for the comment bro, you are one person who keeps my spirit buoyant. Thanks you so much. :)

    @ Ugen, thanks for visiting my blog la. Wishing you a eventful journey in Blogspehre.

  4. Thanks, at the end of the day no other accolades needed, a teacher takes pride in ths words from their students. It inspires us to strive harder.

  5. Teacher means a lot to the student but students have nothing special to offer to our revered teachers than a mere praise from our lips, but such a praise indeed comes from the depth of our heart. Thanks for visiting, madam Loeh... :)

  6. So nice, These are really beautiful words for your loving teachers.