Tuesday, 24 May 2011

There Will be a Solution Always

The world in which we are dwelling at this age is not an easy one, where we get everything without much hard work and effort. In pursuit of success, which I presume to be a source of happiness, we face a lot of challenges and confrontations, unless we dare to proceed further and yes, success belongs to those who dare.

Problems are multiple in the society and we youngsters are more prone to such problems. Yet for every problem, there is a solution. Unless we seek the path towards solving the problems to get a better result, we would remain in problems all the time.

There is that lover who was betrayed by his lover or broke up with his girlfriend and finally he land up taking drugs and drinking alcohol, thus rendering the precious life useless and futile. It is indeed a coward act and they are real losers. Life should not be ruined that easily for such a lame excuse. We have our parents and siblings expecting a lot from us.

In some cases, it is the split-up of parents, which drench the soul of the children into cocoon of negativity, thus leading to misery and pain in the life of latter. Theft and robbery cases by the youths might be due to less care and affection given by the parents to their children. And the consequences are same; the life of victim losses its meaning and ends up landing in the land of dreams but without achieving it. Well, we are indeed not alone; we have our friends and remaining society to help us while in need.

Friends in our life play a vital role in shaping us. Swim along the tides and you would reach the shore without drowning into the ocean. Friends with golden rays always lights our way and helps us reach to our destination in ease but on the contrary, there are other group of friends who would drag us towards the path of illusion. Their mere touch would leave an inerasable stain of blackness in our soul. “False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine but leaving us when we cross into the shade.” As stated by someone. This is due to our wrong choice amongst the many better alternatives.  

Yet besides every best possible act of ours, after completion of studies/degrees wee youths plunge into the sphere of job market and many of us land up getting nowhere. While the government and concerned agencies try their best to give better opportunities for all, it is always impossible to get right person in the right field so, many of us remains idle. It is not because we are useless but it is simply because we are not fit in a particular field for some reasons. This calls for us to look beyond the horizon of sunshine to see the next glimmering world in which we can work and earn profusely. 

We should wake up and aspire to fight amid hardships and difficulties to succeed. Life is not always comfortable and what we wish never occurs easily, unless we work towards fulfilling it. Solving the mazes of life involves lots of perseverance and determination. Man can achieve what men have achieved so we should be optimistic to become successful. There will always be a solution for every problem. 

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