Sunday, 15 May 2011

To err is Human.

Life is never a perfect piece and it is often confronted with mistakes and errors. From childhood until death do us part, we will commit mistakes and flaws one way or the other. While man never intend to commit mistakes deliberately, sometimes somewhere we tend to face with such a consequences that our act of diligence get entangled in the loop of ignorance letting our mistakes go unnoticed. Realizing that we have done a mistake latter becomes too late to recuperate.
As the old Bhutanese saying goes, “Even the speeches of priest flaws, even the flow of water in tap ceases” and so is our life. Mistakes in life are something that is inevitable, for we are neither enlightened like Buddha, nor a perfect human.Indeed nobody is perfect.

We fail to keep our words, it is our mistake; we tend to use abusive words out of anger, it is a mistake; and we even tend to conspire against someone for our own goodness, it is a mistake. Every mistake that we do brings a failure but not all failures are necessarily due to mistakes.  So in order to prevent from repeated failure we should look back and get our mistakes rectified to have a better result latter. 

Sometimes our anger and temper become root cause of mistakes. As said by Buddha, “Holding to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who get burnt” and such saying of Lord Buddha are the only exceptions that are without mistake. When something wrong happens or when someone has said something or done something against me, I often get angry but my anger and temper never solves my problem. Rather it makes me do more mistakes by either arguing with them or using rude words, which only leads to the degradation of my ties and friendship with those someone, only to get regretted latter which is going to be in vain. I feel sorry but sorry seems to be the hardest word.

When I reflect to the bygone day, I find that nothing new has happened to me during the day. Realizing that life is just passing on as swiftly as the flowing river, I try to look ahead, the following days, to do something new and achieve something better but every dream which I dreamt the day before remained unachieved as I look back in the evening the next day. These are all due to mistakes, tiny or big, which I have committed unknowingly. I try to incorporate the philosophy behind the repercussions of making mistakes and try not to repeat as stated above but somehow I fail to do so. May be its all because I am also one sentient being, yet submerged in the ocean of suffering. It is true, ‘To err is Human.’


  1. dude......mistakes in life often come from various things associated with us and around us..but one main reason, is undoubtedly anger...i hv a terrible temper is something that can make me go crazy and i regrets later on...nice one bro...:)

  2. I am striving for perfection, but its not happening ...I tend to make mistakes, infact its huge :( and have no control over it...I keep thinking of this quote " Make mistakes,Make progress " in my distress and comfort myself...Nice post Leo.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sogyel and Anu.
    Being born in the ephemeral world of suffering, every human intend to meet their needs first, then their greed. so in the long run one becomes aware of whats s/he doing so we fail to negotiate between whats good and bad, thus committing lots of mistakes, which really hampers our what we called precious life.
    Keep visiting.

  4. "To err is Human". It indeed is and will remain with infinite centuries to come. Mistakes are bounded with human and there is no single person who does not commit mistakes. Mistakes can be intentional and "un"-intentional. We should try to avoid former mistake as some mistakes happen without our own knowledge. It is some time difficult to define "Mistake". For instance, what is perfect to one person may be mistake to another, which makes us to wonder, "what is a mistake?". Is mistake BAD? or GOOD? Is mistake forgive-able?.
    Mistake, here, is referred to "anger", it may be true. Temper is what every people can't run away from. And, how one takes/accepts anger is different. Let me provide two different situation; if an ordinary people gets angry we would say he/she is short tempered, but if Lamas get angry, there is tendency to accept that we made mistake. In such case (later) both mistake and anger gets together. Even the simple things tend to get complicated as we start to ponder upon.
    Above all humans are bounded to make mistakes and "To err is Human", it is 1001% true.

  5. to err is human and to forgive is don't worry brother..

  6. @ Sangay Sir: Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment cum supplement for this post of mine. As said by you, its vital that we try not to commit mistakes intentionally for it is something which is not forgivable and may lead to more trouble in our intimate relations. from the instance you have mentioned I came to learn that anger and mistakes are like the body and shadow, which gets together and third consequence is the failure.

    @ Kuenzang sir: Thanks for stopping by la. Your comment is encouraging!

  7. u r more human writing this........

  8. Truly said, to err is to blur the life!!! To blur is to clear the avenue. Nice reading.

  9. @ Saacha Dorji: thanks for dropping by and for your compliment.

    - author