Wednesday, 2 January 2013

To End is to Begin.

When 2012 kicked off, I was in my college fulfilling the requirements of my final year B.Sc Forestry degree. And when the year begin, there was a fear in every soul that celebrating 2013 would be a dream for there were rumours that the world will end on 21st December. The first day of 2012 was not so good for me as rain drenched us completely then.

As months passed by, the year with lots of ups and downs, have finally come to an end but not the world. Looking back into the year just gone by, i can say that the year had been one of the most challenging ones in my life so far, but in the end, things turned out to be a great blessing. At one time of the year i was not sure whether I would be able to complete my degree on time and sit for the premiere BCSE as our session was late. This worry had been wrecking me since the beginning of 2012.

Somewhere in the month of June, we were having our final semester educational tour in the Dehradun, visiting all the forest based institutes and industries. It was during those days that i was further depressed. First, like in a horrific nightmare, Wangdue Dzong, my district headquarter was reduced to rubbles, and in the mean time, RCSC has announced the timetable for the BCSE 2012 procedures. I came to learn that the preliminary exams were to be held in August, while our semester is scheduled to complete only in September. I could not think of waiting a whole year just because of 15 days delay in my semester. I wondered what exist beyond hope, that keeps us strong.

However, with all the requests made to the college authority, we could somehow manage to come for the writing the PE and attend the NGOP but without a degree in hand. I couldn’t really concentrate on the preparation as my mind was already preoccupied with worries. No sooner did we completed our NGOP, we returned to our college to write the semester exams, after which we requested for special attention to us in compiling the academic transcripts and PDC. When we finally reached home after completing the requirements of our degree, two of us were left with just two days to complete our verification for main exams, as we were through with the PE. Therefore, in times, things turned out to be blessing in disguise.

So, with each and every steps for BSCE 2012 completed, finally I am to join the league of Bhutanese foresters, after we were showered with words of wisdom by the chairman of RCSC Lyonpo Thinley Jamtso, and taking the oath of allegiance on 27/12/12.  
“In civil service you must take pride to serve with humility, appreciating small beauties, without ignoring the small duties, because, these small things make a big difference, just like the small springs together making a big river. As civil servants, always try to bring pride and honour to your country, to your parents and to yourself.” - Chairman, RCSC.
On the same day, we had an audience with Director General of Department of Forests and Park Services, stressing to the younger FOs that we explore the forestry studies with our best abilities.
“Issues like melting of snows and retreating of glaciers are a result of global phenomenon, the global warming so there is less we can do to control it. But within your reach are the minute streams so protecting the watershed in the proximity of your home will make bigger difference.” - Director General, DoFPS.  
And finally came the new years eve, where I got to meet with friends and relatives, over a glass of beer, waiving adieu to the bygone days of 2012. Thank you 2012 for making me bolder in taking risks, facing the obstacles and of course making choices and compromises in my life.

Meanwhile I am thankful to all my friends and peers for dropping new year greetings. "Years come and go but this year, I specially wish for you a double dose of health and happiness topped with loads of good fortunes. Have a great year ahead. Happy New Year 2013." Read one of the sms that I received from a friend. 

Today, the New Year is Thimphu for me is just like other normal days, but unlike that of 2012, the weather is good sunny day. The day somehow gave me a special light for me in living a sociable life and as the 2013 progresses, I only wish to have that special light glistening me brighter, and as a resolution, I want to keep my mind under my control and hereby I welcome 2013 with open heart, with responsibilities on my shoulder.
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Wishing all my Readers a Very Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year Lethro. You have accomplished success and wish you even more successful days ahead!

  2. Thank you Yeesi, Happy New Year to You as Well.
    Hope this year will become one of the fulfilling ones in your life. :)

  3. Hi Lethro, I love the words of wisdom given by the chairman of RCSC Lyonpo Thinley Jamtso. It's short, straight to the point and bring a very good reminder for civil servants who works for the country in Bhutan.

    Congrats for completing your BSCE and hope that this year you will be blessed with lots of good health, love, luck, joy and happiness! :)

  4. Hi Overcome,
    Thank you for dropping by this blog. The words shared by the minister were touching and encouraging as you have noticed.
    Thank you for all the wishes and prayers that you have for me with this new dawn, and I am also hopeful that you will have a rewarding 2013. Drop by.
    Thank You.

  5. happy new year and good luck ahead bro! Keep writing