Monday, 22 July 2013

The Source of New Dawn.

From the infancy as I rose,
Ephemeral turbulence shook me hard,
The truest of fatherly love I didn’t garner,
Yet the almighty disguised as my mom,
To lighten the burden of dearly loss
Showering with the light of the new dawn.

Fate envied our joy and ecstasy,
And ailments broke our wealth of tenderness.
Ruined further, the family of innocence,
When icily, a sibling laid numb in cruelty’s hand.
Goddess in a sisterly disguise, dispersed our doomed despair,
Yet again, gleaming us with the rays of new dawn.

In the states of chaos as I struck,
In solitude as I stroll the paths of confusion,
I miss not the blessings of almighty
But the words of aging mom and caring sister,
“Not to follow the paths of evil but the righteous one”
For your words are the true blessings for my new dawn.


  1. Great poem, bro.! Hope you are doing fine. Keep writing.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and for your compliments, Langa and Sangay. :)

  3. The miseries that we are plunged into are not an end for it's just a beginning, as you say, the dawn of new hope.And yet the losses we encounter are excruciating but God always sends one to compensate it. Nice poem...