Thursday, 16 October 2014

I am Sorry, Please forgive me..,

Lonely as I was sailing the stormy ocean,
Fatefully I encountered you, a heavenly damsel,
Intimately, as I embraced your unadulterated heart,
Beautifully, you accompanied the deadly voyage.

The seed of love we have sown,
Time has nurtured to reach its maturity,
With the autumn colours, as we await the fruit,
It’s the breeze that’s shaking us hard.

Trust we were entrusted, faithful we remained, 
Feelings we have expressed,
And committed we remained so proudly,
But as I feel the pinch of storm, I was startled.

Beautiful were the moments where we cuddled and hugged,
The humours and jokes, they added further recipe,
How happily and peacefully we shared our feelings,
Not realizing, its time the roosters had to make morning call.

Today, the storm is hard and my voyage seems perilous,
I needed your love the most but you seems drifting away.
I was worried, I was surprised, I didn’t know why,
But it hurt me gravely, when myself is the cause.

I know you are hurt, but that was not my intention,
I didn’t had a guilt cos all I loved was unconditionally,
But it’s my bad, when unconsciously I acted that way,
I am sorry, so please forgive me.

I love u as ever, and miss you every single moment,
I will always clinch unto you, even if you leave me behind,
I will wait for your return if you are taking a break, 
I am not hurting you further, and this is promise I keep.

Please don’t say it’s over,
Please don’t say you lost the trust in me,
Please don’t say our future is blur,
Please don’t go leaving me in pain.

We are destined forever.


  1. Hello bro. Hope you are doing good. It's a sad poem. Hope you guys patch up your differences, keep aside your differences and be together again. Keep loving and she will understand your true love soon. Take care. :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by Langa bro. Since I didnt blog for long, I thought many of my friends would have forgotten my page.
    Well, thanks for your kind words bro. See u. tc.

  3. Its really a nice poem you have written here with great thoughts la...its nice reading and try thinking on it la...thanks

  4. To say goodbye to our loved one is to die a little. Hold-back her! Offer her unconditional love as you have mentioned la, so, that she will be always behind you.
    Amply expressed poem, which I enjoyed going through it.
    Keep writing :)