Thursday, 6 August 2015

Defining Happiness

What s happiness? It is a state of mind. I have seen and heard this advertisement, calling for photo contest by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. I wanted to participate in the contest but how? I could never capture a artistic picture and I don't have a good camera. But I love taking photos and videos. May be that it self is happiness. Happiness is capturing the moments of life.

So, I tried to register but never got a confirmation mail from the webmaster of the Bhutan Photo Campaign, only to find it in the spam a day later. That wasn't happiness. Happiness is seeing a new mail in the inbox as expected. So i got logged in. There are hundreds of amazing pictures with catchy taglines. It's going to be a tough competition. So what? that doesn't bar me from uploading photos of my own. Happiness is being determined to do what you wish to do.

So, I was wondering what to upload. Being a forester, I have been to those serene mountains several times, from Jomolhari to Gankar Puensum, from mountain patrolling to camera trapping. Most of the journeys were strenuous and fatiguing and yet we strive to work hard. I landed in this profession out of my choice. Happiness is living by choices.

During my many mountain expeditions, I took numerous photos and videos on my cell phone, the most compatible camera. I don't own a DSLR camera to shot extravagant scenes. I am contended with what I capture on my mobile lens. Of all the images, I enjoy capturing the moments when my friends strive through the rugged terrains, full of hope, determination and enthusiasm despite being tired. Yet I don't see them complaining. Happiness as I can see in them is safeguarding the natural heritage with pride. So I uploaded this image.

(My friend Dorji in Northern Mountains.) click here to get to the tourism website to like it.
So when we go on such adventures for over weeks, we get totally disconnected. The team mates are the only companions with whom we share and laugh. We miss our friends and family. I long to get back home soon, but on those high mountains, all at a sudden we discover the mobile network. Happiness is when we could connect to our loved ones from afar all at a sudden, and definitely the receiver at the other end will be happy to get a ring all at a sudden. So I uploaded my second image.

(My Friend Jamtsho connecting to his better half from Black Mountains)
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Many a times, I was advised by my senior colleagues to maintain a field journal. I was told that such journals help us recollect our field days later in our professional career when we write books or so. While I stick to their advises, I too developed this interest of writing letters from the mountains and forests, addressing to my dear ones. I once posted a modified letter on my blog, titled "Message from the Black Mountains."  Happiness is when I could express my feelings in the form of letters even if it doesn't get delivered to my subject. So I uploaded my third image with a tagline, Happiness is writing letters from the Mountain Huts.

It came by surprise to see this not so clear image on my phone
A moment from the Black Mountains.

So, this is it. The images wont appear as attractive as those shared my many photographers but these are true moments from the life of forester. Happiness is being natural and retaining originality.

Good luck to all the contestants @


  1. In deed, happiness is every 360 degree works...nicely put in the thoughts la,..

  2. Wow! Beautifully written bro! The pictures that you uploaded really protrayed the feeling that you have expressed in your write up.. So, happiness is while reading your blog. Keep up bro.