Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Academic Journeys: Reminiscing the Road to Bachelor’s Degree.

When I boarded the Bhutan Post bus from Phuentsholing to Calcutta on the afternoon of 27th August 2008, I was beginning a new journey. As my sister after expressing her final words of advices bid adieu, I was to set my feet off the mother land for the first time in my life. As we travelled down in the Indian plains, I not only had the emotional feelings of loneliness but also the jubilation of pride and satisfaction. The bus was indeed filled with youths aspiring to pursue various technical degrees having won the prestigious scholarships after their class 12 exams the last December. The DAHE had then booked the bus for us from Phuentsholing to Calcutta from where we were to obtain the train tickets from a travel agent for boarding in different directions.
Birsa Agricultural University

Being brought up in remote hamlet of Darlo, my maiden journey abroad was a challenging one. Hindi was a language which I understood least and we weren’t going to a college where there are ample Bhutanese seniors but just the two of us. My friend by virtue of being educated in Thimphu was a saviour for me as he could communicate better in Hindi, which was necessary while on board in the train. In an exotic place, we were to catch a cab early in the morning and search for Birsa Agricultural University in Ranchi.
Reminiscing the old harrowing moments then, it gives me a sense of delight now, having overcome one of the hardest challenges a fresher would face in the college. Forestry was a course of my choice and to live the destiny of my choice often made me lament on why I had that choice.
There wasn’t clear information from the University on when we should be reporting and on our arrival, there wasn’t anybody welcoming us despite ourselves reaching the university campus and calling the concerned authority many times. At a point of time, I wondered whether I really received a Scholarship. Alas, we could find our way to the office of Registrar where we introduced ourselves only to be diverted to the Faculty of Forestry. The Dean of Forestry finally called on us and got ourselves registered as International Students in College of Forestry, Birsa Agricultural University. Indeed we were lone International Students in that University. By the time, we were allotted rooms, it was almost 2:00 PM. A long travel by train from Howrah to Ranchi the night before and tireless walking in the mighty university campus with our belonging, my first day in the University taught me a lesson; Life is never a bed of roses. Rather it is adversity en route to prosperity.
Graduating from BAU: August 2008-September 2012.

However, the situation only seemed to deteriorate with delay in commencement of academics by a month and with lots of irregularities in conducting the semester exams and its results. Worst, the two of us became the lone classmates. While we didn’t have any Bhutanese friends nearby, our semesters breaks for going home were dearer with much uncertainties.  Four lengthy years we spent in Birsa Agricultural University and at the end, the troubles that we faced were worth enduring. The bitter sweet days in India has indeed paved our way in the civil service cadre of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The moments became more cherishing when I exited BAU with a University Gold Medal for Academic Excellence.

As a take a new journey today, it only made me contemplative of my past journeys. 


  1. Nice to hear from you after a long time. Wish you all the best as you walk past the next phase of your academic life.

    1. Hi Pelden, thank you for the good wishes. Glad that you kept an eye on my blog. Cheers

  2. Amazing..Nice to meet you here in this page after spending 4 years of school days... A page that can create enormous pithy living style. I wish you successful future endeavour and take care. Bon voyage...☺

  3. Your post brought me some sweet and bitter memories too. I left for United States alone to pursue my college degrees some 20 years ago. I was alone on the plane until I reach the unknown city where I had no friends. I struggled and survived well.

    We have walked the same paths before and must brace the future with courage, always. Congratulations to you for achieving your academic goals.