Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Fathers Day

I am thankful to my father for giving me this life to live in. It's through this life of mine that I could see the world, explore it and then acclimatise with each and every fleeting moments. 

I am not so lucky to experience how fatherly love is because I was told that our father left us when I was just a couple of months old. I was too young to sense his presence. Therefore I have lived this life bestowed upon me by my dad, in his physical absence with my age but never without his prayers. 

However, I should be thankful to my late father for leaving behind him a wonderful family bonded with love and unity. He left us not in a makeshift hut but in a newly built two storeyed traditional home. He left behind with us a mother who would nurture her kids with utmost love and care with faith and loyalty to her late husband. He left behind a daughter who would raise her younger siblings by giving the best she could selflessly despite her tender age. She was just 13 when the family felt the wreckage due to the greatest loss. My sister along with our aging mom nurtured her younger brothers into responsible men. Today my two brothers live a happy life shouldering the responsibility of father, the value of which were instilled by my sister. 

As we traversed the mundane journey, death deterred our happiness, ailments shook our peace, other misfortunes disturbed us deeply but our love and unity could withstand all. Through unconditional love and unity, my siblings gave me the utmost priority to make me the best, to which I didn't fail to pursue and thus acclaimed being first university graduate from the tiny hamlet of Darilo. I am happier when I could say I am a Civil Servant under His Majesty's government. Through all these journey of ups and downs, I wondered how a true fatherly love would be but I remain ever grateful to my late father for having chosen to raise a family which is an epitome of love, unity and strength. Hope you found peace long before seeing us happy. Our Prayers for your soul.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dadys.
May I get to call somebody my father one day before myself becoming a father.

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