Friday, 9 February 2018

Passu Diary as Book

Glad to have got an invitation for a great event at the corner in Thimphus heart but sadly I can't get to it. In little ways, I am part of some inspirational group of folks who not only writes but do amazing pieces of stuff.  "Passu Diary, Journal of an Ordinary Bhutanese" was the sole inspiration that awakened the pen inside me to jot down the scripts; not the heart throbbing romances, nor the inspirational self help classics, neither the satirically comic bundle of poems, but free-flowing proses and verses with the simple journey of life as the muse. The journey that is mostly through woods but through others too. And the others are varied and fascinating in itself like that of the exhilarating journey through the woods. Yes, a blogger was born in me in 2010, inspired by "Passu Diary". 

The first post was titled "Threshold of my Future" but little did I knew that the future is always yet to come, meaning greater days are yet to come. Each passing day has its own stimulus and taste are always different. And with a lively taste bud, there is numerous flow of muses in our sphere, in the blogosphere, the reason I am a part of some inspiration group of folks, the bloggers. Bloggers are writers and writers are authors. Many bloggers friends have a book or two in their name and each day passing day a new book is coming and I can only feel myself at the Threshold of my Future. 

Expressing my heartiest congratulation to Chaplop Passang Tshering for his debut book titled with his Blog name. 

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