Monday, 15 June 2020

Spiritual Lakes of Jomolhari

In the vast remote mountains blessed by Guru Rinpoche, Jetsun Milarepa, Lama Drukpa Kuenley and Gyalwa Lorepa, are the two spiritual lakes. The turquoisetique Tsheringmai La-Tsho, the spiritual lake of Thseringma, the goddess of Wealth is located on the right side of the ridge facing down. The lake is situated at the base of Mount. Jomolhari (not from the tourist base camp), which also have numerous sacred sites, including the 12th century temple. It is believed that if environment around are defiled, natural catastrophes and destruction happen in the locality. People appease the deity by making milk and incense smoke offerings.
Thseringma La-tsho.

Facing down on the left is the, the La-tsho of Aum Jomo, the guardian deity of the Mount Jomolhari. Ulike the Tsheringma la-tsho bearing bright emerald blue colour with milkish stains, this spiritual lake bears greyish blue colour. The lake is situated on the left base of, what legend had passed on, the golden pillars that holds the main submit of Mount Jomolhari.

Aum Jomo La-Tsho

Aum Jomo La-Tsho

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