Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Threshold of My Future.

    I passed my class twelve in 2007. I was a Science student. My dream was nothing big but simply to get a job in the field of my interest, serve to the Tsa-Wa-Sum to the best of my ability, pay back to my gracious parents and lead a happy life. While in school my performance in exams were never bad. I cant say that I am the best. I knew that how much we struggle, we will will be rewarded in the same proportion. So i follow the principle, "Slow and Steady WINS the RACE". I started studying since the first day of the academic session. The way i studied is very simple. I simply follow the norms of the school. I never misused the study hours as i was in boarder school.
    Days passed into weeks, and weeks into months. The co-curricular activities though full of fun and bliss, in times it makes my routine so hectic. The expeditions for learning, trekking with the Canadian students, excursion for photography with the Koreans, cultural tour with the fellow office bearers, the year 2007 was indeed one of the memorable academic years in my life. December month calls for the BHSEC. It is the turning point in the life of student. You do it, or die, but for we have been preparing for it since 20th of February, there shouldn't be much to worry. We should be prepared to face the exams and prove our worth. The exams were over and the school closed for its winter vacation.
    It was in the mid of February when our results were declared. I was anxious as well as excited. I was in Wangdue. It was in one of the chilly evenings, the date which I have forgotten. I visited the web site of Bhutan Telecom, http://www.druknet.bt and typed my index number on the tag which blinks " BHSEC RESULT". I was more than glad. My aggregate of English plus best three was not bad. Since then I thought that i would be able to achieve my dream. In the month of March we had orientation programme for those who qualified for studying abroad. My rank was not bad in a merit rank. I was somewhere in twenties..., and when  I was called for the selection of my course in the chamber of BCCI,  I without giving a second thought said, " I will go for B.Sc. Forestry". some of the members of the selection committee pointed out to me that, I have got good options in the field of engineering too. But I was adamant to change my first thought.
    If I am to give a second thought also, my course of study wouldn't have changed. So from that day the threshold of my future has forwarded the first step.


  1. so good luck with ur course......hardwork always pays at the end....its like if you want to live your dreams, then wake up!

  2. thank you very much for your good wishes la..,