Monday, 29 November 2010

Status Updates of friends on Facebook.

  Every morning as I log into my facebook account and first page I see is my home page. My home page consists of friends with their likes, their new friends, their tags, and their status updates etc... This is not something unusual as the home page either reveals the latest updates of the friends or the top stories. But what makes the home page unusual these days is that there is something in common in most of the status. Unlike the normal days when friends share their daily happenings, of love, philosophical, quotations, these days it’s of exams. Following are some of the status of my friends on facebook;

‘Exams starting…Aal is well…’

‘All the best, Do your exams well…’

The exams are yet to start so they convey their best wishes to their friends. With access to internet facilities, we remain connected all the time with our friends through social networks like facebook, hi5, tagged, twitter, orkut and so on so it saves time and money in buying wishing cards and posting long distances. We receive wishing and warm regards from friends living far and near, home and abroad, and in turn we can sent them our regards.

‘Busy exam days…’

‘The exams in full swing….half to go…’

The exam has already started and it seems its running smoothly. For those who are aware that they have to write the exams to prove their worth in the end, they prepare for it from the beginning and when it’s time for writing the exams, they are free of tension; rather they are ready to give their best performance. As a saying goes “slow and steady wins the race” we should prepare ourselves before hand to rather than cramming at books at the last moment.

‘Lots to study… not prepared at all…’

‘Spoiled the papers…damn it???...’

‘Syllabus…. Vast….Confusing…’

Enjoying the whole year totally forgetting their presence in the institution, they are left with lots to study. Just imagine, what would happen if we fill the balloon with the pressure with a hydraulic pressure in full speed? It will definitely get burst. But if we fill it with regular blow with the help of our mouth, we can maintain the required size of the balloon and will serve a good toy for our toddlers. It only adds pressure in our mind and we cannot concentrate well if we are to burn our midnight oil to prepare for our exams at the eleventh hour.

‘Exams are over…it’s time to relax….’

‘Done with the exams finally… excited to go home…’

Now having done with their exams, they are more or less happy. We don’t bother much about the results. It’s time for them to have fun and joy. While some enjoy with friends in the bar, there are others who neatly maintain their belongings, collect their reading materials, pack their belongings and plan for heading home to help their parents.

‘Happy break to all of my friends la…enjoy the vacation… and see you next year happily….with bearing beautiful smiles on your faces la… happy journey..’

Now they are at the verge of dispersing for their homes. Vacation has started and they bid farewell to each other. While some might be completing their studies and starting their new venture, others would be coming back to resume their studies. But for now they are heading for their vacation.

Unfortunately for me my vacation seems to be so far. My exams will commence only in February. What could be my status that time???

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