Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Through the Pane
 Alone amid unknown travelers,
I boarded an express train.
Seated nearby me were strangers,
With whom I didn’t share a single word.

I just gazed and gazed,
Not at their face but through the windowpane.
Enjoying the serenity of vales and woods,
And of course the happenings outside.

Through the pane, I could see,
The queue of vehicles waiting the passing train,
Though delayed, happy they were, as they knew
Patience is the companion of wisdom

Through the pane I could see,
A man fishing in a stagnant pond.
Fishes escape yet he tries, as he knew
His duty, duty to serve his family.

Through the pane I could see,
Children playing by the roadside,
Worrying not about the accidents,
‘cos of their ignorance, for ignorance is bliss.

Through the pane I could see,
The rickshaw paddlers, striving so hard,
With sweats, and perspiration,
For they knew hard word is key to success.

And within the train came a beggar,
With both legs lame, and eyes blind,
Yet he challenges to live his life,
Since he knew that life is precious.


  1. The poem has substance and point...Life is precious..I enjoyed it .

  2. Yup Anu, Life is precious, I intend to depict in the poem, the ways of life,,,

  3. A good reason - for not sharing a word with strangers has been beautifully depicted in your poem. Enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks for your comment and thanks for dropping by, Qinza T. :) Keep visiting la.

  5. awesome...bro......its really really good....u write poems also in such a good substance,,,,,:)

  6. Trying my best to write the best but its difficult being a man of limited thoughts and ideas. Any way thanks Bro.