Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Way of Life

By birth we are all strangers be it siblings or close relatives. Though the siblings inherit the same gene from a common parent, they all existed in different realms before the very existence in this world. Our parents’ gives us a name, and distinguish our unique identities and thus we become a part of them. So by virtue of being born in the same family and having resided under the same roof since our birth, and having got the maximum interaction amongst the family, our parents, our siblings, our relatives and then our village folks become our first acquainted personnel’s in our life. 

As we proceed away from the doorsteps of our homes, we enter the complex and complicated sphere called world. Complex because world is not a single entity of one kind but it is a combination of many recipes and complicated because without proper awareness and conscience, we may fail to enter the correct door from the myriad available.

 In the journey of life, we come across different people. Some we just ignore them because we do not have enough time to halt and chat. While with others, our conversation starts with a polite hi, but disappears so soon before we could waive goodbye. There are others, who enter our lives, leave a light footstep of remembrance and turns away. And there are few whom we meet by luck, talked by chance and become friend by destiny and such person lights ray of hope in us, guide us during confusion, and occupies a special place in our heart. We fear losing such people from our life but then nothing is certain. Yet there are others who leave an incurable pain in our heart and others who betray our trust in them. Had we remained strangers for forever then such phenomenon of meeting and departure, love and loathe, and reminiscence and remorse will not exist but man is a social animal who cannot bear the pain of loneliness for a short while.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in the Buddhist principle of relating everything being interrelated and interconnected because the theory of cause and effect is not only a theoretical ideology but in reality, everything we do for our own good or for a good cause has its proportionate effect to others as well. Just for an instance, even the Ones that are far beyond the rolling hills and distant places have a great impact to the life of others, which are residing millions of miles away and this is a way of life.


  1. Haaaaa......"C'est La Vie" ( Such is life ) . We encounter different flavors..:):).

  2. Life is but an intricate mazes, which leads to confusion if we loss our conscience but full of bliss if we are positive, but then, this is way of life, :)) keep visiting Anu.