Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Season of Hopefulness


From the depth of vales the clouds rise
Reaching the higher sky, it collides
Producing a flash of light, then a thunderous roar.

Down in the valley the Peasants wait
For the first spring shower. And as the rain falls,
It cleanses all the dirt left by the gloomy winter.

In fields the farmers toil, with spade and shovel,
While in school the students slog with sheets and pen,
To harvest the fruits when the year ends.

As humid replaces aridness, the grasses pierce
From the barren lawn. The trees sprout lush of leaves,
 On the temperate hills, blooms the beauty of rhododendrons.

The Cranes, they fly back to the northern plateaus,
To escape the rising heat of lengthy days,
 Leaving behind, the echoes of their melodious tweets.

With favorable weather, the birds fly higher
 And in rivers the fishes swim swifter. Breathing the fresh air
 Of newborn shoots, nature itself is inspirational.

Gone are the days of parchedness and gloominess,
With spring comes aspiration, so let heart grow tenderer
To reap proportionate warmth latter,
 for it is the season of hopefulness.


  1. Let us have old memories and young hope in this season of hopefulness....:). Nice write up.....I am always eager to read :):)

  2. Your poem is as refreshing as the moving clouds and the blossoming spring season. Nice one Leo. Keep writing.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Lingchen.. your words are inspiring. keep visiting la.