Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Beauty of Nature’s Tunes

Already shared on WAB on 12-12-2010.

Image: google images

All alone, I travelled in the midst of woods,
Sal and Teak and Cypress; they grew at their best.
Beneath the branches, I walked with my dusty boots,
In search of nothing, but never ending quest.

Deep moisture laden mosses on drooping branches,
Lichens and fungus, they matured from fissured cracks.
Array of golden rays penetrated beyond its reaches,
And in numbness of euphoria, I lost my tracks.

The hedges and sedges, they were in variety,
With crystal clear dews on their shining leaf.
In a burrow was a rodent, hiding from adversity,
But swiftly it ran, sighting me approach its tiny cave.

Deeper into its core was the abode of god,
Adorned with enthralling bouquet and vines.
Emitting fragrance with intoxicating upshot,
As strong as the best brewed wines.

Further deeper, the nature tuned its finest note,
The twittering of birds and whisper of gentle breeze,
The fluttering of leaves in rhythmic note,
And the soothing music of stream, which never cease.

In you, I discovered my unknown quest,
The ecstasy of my soul; with bliss ceasing never,
Amidst your serenity, the tranquil rest.
Oh nature! Your ethereal beauty is joy forever.


  1. Nice composition....It reminds me of the walk to Tiger's nest where I saw lot of cypress, laden mossess and nicest people i have ever met in my life.....I miss bhutan and Bhutanese :)


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Anu. And thanks for the praise that you gave for my country. Visit again.

  3. woow,
    nicely written,
    well thought,
    genuinely felt,
    and truly mesmerizing.

    Keep going...
    and all the best....

  4. Thanks for droping by la, Kuenzang sir. Your comment is inspiring. keep visiting la.