Sunday, 27 February 2011

In Chaotic State, They Wept.

image source: google images
The doors, it remained closed and the locks are prone to rust,
The floor, it’s un-swept for long and is full of dust,
The roof, as and when shower tatters, it will seep,
And the bells, like the dumped rod of iron, it produce no beep.

Like the abandoned church of ancient realm, the buildings are at rest
With scattered litters all around, it is not the best,
Neither in its form, nor in the possessions of its wealth
The Lord shall weep, for worthless it became what he bequeath.

To the authorities, they approach time and again,
Requesting for the needs that they aspire, but in vain,
Duty, dedication and devotion, are words with no meaning,
As calm and cozily they sit and chat, morning till evening.

“Democracy,” the word reverberate from walls, as it’s their ill perception,
And with these echo, the winds carry the fouls of corruption.
From the footprints they left, it produce an intoxicating stink,
But in these filthy environs, the option-less innocents sink.

“What wrong did we do? Where and how?” The innocents ask.
The questions remain unanswered, and so is their request.
In God’s mercy, they leave their life, though liable to blight,
And in chaotic state, they wept day and night.

P.S Democracy should not be diluted with the poisons of corruption. Else, the poor will remain poor and riches will grow richer. The innocents will suffer and the higher authorities will rejoice. 


  1. What a beautiful piece of poem....i had never imagined you would ultimately turn out to be such a beautiful writer.....get going!!!!!

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Gopi. Your comments add more fuel in my passion of writing. Looking forward your support.keep visiting.

  3. well said.....but lets not misuderstand dat the fault is with the form i.e democracy...coz any system is fine ideally ....ultimately it dependeds upon the ppl who use it.

  4. So beautiful and full of imagery. Do keep writing. The poem is exceptional! :)

  5. @ Maid of Astolat: Thank you for visiting my blog and for your valuable compliment on this post. I wrote it during one of the desperate moments out here. Keep visiting la.

    @ Rajiv Ranjan: True sir, we should not blame the form and here actually I intended to say that those people who are in power are misusing their power for their own benefit which is why they become corrupt, and if not for the bribery, they fail to understand the needs of innocent peoples. Thanks for your comment la.