Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Be Prepared.

While during my primary school days, I once joined scouting club. Scouting is a club in school where the member students dedicate themselves for the service of fellow students, school, and in turn for the nation, though its founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell, Lieutenant General in the British Army in 1907 dedicated the service professionally for supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they may play constructive roles in society. but in my school, duty of scouts mean simply hoisting the national flag in every morning, singing and dancing patriotic songs every Wednesday and expecting a camping and expeditions some other days. I found our scout club doing nothing momentous; it might be different in other schools, though. Only memorizing the scout laws and bluffing in front of the scout master seems to be an insignificant significance. Besides the scout law and other such obligations, I could still remember the scout motto, “Be Prepared” but somehow preparedness becomes an ingredient which my life lacks.
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On Saturdays we don’t have classes and sleeping late on Saturday evening is my habit because at least on Sundays we need not have to go for morning PT classes. I spent the time either watching a movie, gossiping with the fellow students, playing video games or surfing net and facebooking.  So did me, during the last Saturday night. By the time when I went for sleep it was already 2:00 am. And that would mean I would be awake only by nine in the morning. 

But in the morning when I woke up the time was sticking towards ten. I woke up, took a shower and then rushed to the dining room for taking breakfast but to my utter disgust, the cook has not prepared the breakfast. But this is something which is not uncommon. They always take their own time for cooking and in times they offer breakfast as late as eleven, when the timing says it should be ready by eight thirty or nine. It is the problem for all the students residing in the hostel though, yet they never raise their voices and it remains a problem unsolved throughout the year. The hostel prefect and mess managers remain idle and, got a chance they would be looking for a way of embezzling a small sum from the mess account for taking a cup of tea or inhaling a puff of cigarette, establishing their base of corruption and disloyalty. So there is no point for me yelling at the cook, which if otherwise I do would only smash up their attitude and thinking towards me, and the net effect would remain still null. But I am prepared for such minute trouble. I have my own rice cooker in my room in which I can prepare noodles and have it.

It was eleven when I was done with my breakfast. My laptop, mobile phone and spacious room have always been an obstacle for me in concentrating my mind on studies. I was e-buddying on my phone when I received a call from a professor. He was calling us to be present within a couple of minutes in the college for giving our practical exams. I was surprised. Exams are no joke. And practical exam accounts 25% of the entire hundred, depriving to get 15 means a failure and having to repeat the same after a year. ‘Has he gone mad?’ He never said anything about conducting such practical. But poor guys like us have no alternative but to go to the college, and face the challenge on Sunday. Isn’t it funny when the environment student forgets the one line definition of ‘Environment’ and misinterprets precipitation exclusively as rain? Good luck does not help with unprepared opportunity.

Well we should have at least a small degree of preparedness for everything. Be it the minute things like receiving a call from an unknown person having miss-dialed the number, receiving an e-mail from stranger stating “I am interested in your profile,” a handkerchief in pocket to wipe away the unexpected drop from flying bird in crowd, a noodles for filling the stomach if not except it with patience, and of course facing the unexpected surprise tests in school/colleges for we are designated with the task exclusively for studying. An unspectacular preparation would bring us a spectacular result. Be prepared!

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