Friday, 11 February 2011

The Curse of Temptation-

This is simply The Translation of My Dzongkha Post, which I posted two days ago.
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Born in the ephemeral world of suffering,
An Insensible life is lived by coward me,
With an untamed soul in the deadly body,
It lingered towards the paths of illusion.

Though unseen are the ones behind hills and vales,
Yet their soothing words deceived my fragile heart.
Doubtless I was, I conversed the truth with no qualm,
But alas, it bequeathed me with regretful pains.

The defective mind, free of fallacy,
It headed towards the fruits in serpents realm,
When its pain, the medicines couldn’t cure, then
In woes, I wept with wounded wits.

The inner self of mine, I make clear as crystalline glass,
The thought of mine, I expressed with flawless frank,
But with senseless beast on the other end,
She laughed my innocent life with mockery.

In the boundless oceans, with extreme depth,
The fishes fly with fearless flap.
Yet with tempt they trapped in tyrants net,
It shall succumb to death with no mercy.

With awaken thoughts; I gazed, but then,
My mind like the fluffy feather in hasty breeze,
 It toured the wildest of universe, and my soul,
It drenched into thirst of temptation,
Thus, I was immersed into ocean of suffering.
Now with the mind rejuvenated with wisest wisdom,
I shall retrace the path towards perfection.

PS: Nothing emotional, yet sensational.


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  2. Thanks for eyeing on my blog, tongchen@seattle,
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  3. bro. dats relle a thrilling poem. indeed it was a very sensational inscription... but keep reminded dat dont alys get tempted with such approach.. he he...

  4. Yeah, I am reminded already. Its just written from the shoe of a deceived guy.