Sunday, 13 February 2011

Let strikes never strike Bhutan

‘Indefinite strike in the neighboring town of Jaigoan left many passengers stranded, business halt and lots of problems are created to the residents.’ Though not the correct quotation, I read several such stories in Kuenselonline. Few years ago, when I hear that there is a strike going on, I used to wonder why such thing called strike was happening and when it happened, why the roads are blocked and the daily routines of the people are shattered. Now having seen the demonstrations and having heard the voices of the demonstrators, I got my answers. The answer in one word is democracy.

It is the principle of democracy, which gives its people the human right. With this human right comes the fundamental freedom, and these entitlements are in turn derived from the basic human needs and other wants. The rights are diverse, there are social and cultural rights, there are civil and political rights, there are economic rights and there are rights to petition and rights to express one’s opinions that we call the freedom of speech. So, in the society or community when these rights go in contrary with each other, the social disharmony occurs and when the government fails to settle it on time, the political and social crisis occur, which we call strike. While in corporations, and educational institutions when the right and fundamental needs of the respective section of occupants, (be it employers, be it employees, be it students, be it teachers,) strike happens. They use their rights to express their opinion, but when the higher authorities fail to settle it, the former set up demonstrations and raise their voices, causing disorder and violence in the institution, thus leading to strike.

In Bhutan, democracy is young. Rather it is at its infancy, and the political system is not corrupt. The government has always remained transparent with the opposition party reminding the government whenever the latter tend to divert. Needs of people are either resolved by the government on time or they promise to resolve it at the earliest possible. Besides, we have our generous, compassionate, selfless Kings, whose only worry is about the well-being of their kingdom and the people, and who present themselves during the worst of adversities, and odds of hours, comforting people. Therefore, we Bhutanese are lucky to be born on the soil of Drukyul.

People live in social harmony, the peasants have respect to their governments, the aristocrats and bureaucrats in turn have love, care for the people, and dedicate their services well. The value so called ‘Tha Damtse,’ the collective meaning for various values such as loyalty, gratitude, and unity, and ‘Lay-Jumdrel,’ the consequences of our thoughts and actions, which are deep-rooted in the soul of Bhutanese citizens, have always played a vital role in social harmony. Lucky are our Bhutanese students, where they get uninterrupted flow of wisdom from the revered teachers and professors, who dedicate their service for the well being of the nation wholeheartedly.

Therefore, let us pray that such unique identities of our “One Nation, One People” be never lost from the soil of Bhutan. Besides, it is the duty of every citizen to play a vital role in maintaining a vibrant and transparent democracy by using our freedoms in the most judicious manner. May peace, prosperity and tranquility prevail until eternity and the term ‘Strike’ shall always remain foreign to Bhutan. Let strikes never befall on beguiling Bhutan.

PS: Heartfelt thanks to WAB administration for suggesting a good  title for this post. It was initially "Let strikes never Befall on Beguiling Bhutan.". This is written when the month long strike completely got called off yesterday in the University where I am studying.


  1. Well written bro....our prayers and wishes are always there for the well being of sawa sum.

  2. Hoping that our prayers and wishes come true. Thanks for visiting bro. Keep visiting.