Friday, 25 February 2011

My Memories of Bajothang HSS.

When I joined Bajothang Higher Secondary School in 2006, it was my first exposure to sub-urban way of living. My previous schools were located in the remotes of Wangdue Dzongkhag and as such, whatever I learned was totally confined to the pages of books. There were no access to internet facilities, no television to see the happenings around the world and brethren, and in some cases not even electricity to light our ways. Days were always gloomy. In times we ate our dinner beneath the roofs of kitchen, with splattering of raindrops in darkness, I prepared for examinations with the sooty flames of candle light but it was the way of life. My school days until I reached class eleven, were impounded by the age-old tradition of learning. 
Serenity of Bajothang HSS with Punatsangchu bellow.

Having completed my class ten boards from Gaselo Middle Secondary School with good mark, I was more than happy to join Bajo for my eleventh grade in science stream. I always longed to swim along the tides of Punatsangchu, I aspired to extract the knowledge about the recent global trends of development and modernization, I dreamed of watching the outer sphere of Bhutan with my own eyes on the screens of Television, and what not I even dreamed of hanging along the banks of Punatsangchu with a stunning city girl. And as time passed by some dreams were fulfilled while others remained as dreary dreams as of now.

After spending two years successfully, I looked back and assessed whether I have done something fruitful or not. Then I realized that I have learned a lot from there. Academics were my priority ever since my childhood days in pre-primary and I am glad that I have grasped the ultimate knowledge from the revered teachers with my best ability. Living life by one’s own principle and philosophy makes one complete. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” is the adage, which I follow and by the time sessions comes to an end, I find myself leading the entire folk which is something more than I expected. 

Days were strenuous as well as hideous in times. Being the only high school near the District Administration, and having good facilities for telecommunication, many activities happens on the other end simultaneously with the academics in class, which were in times source of distraction. 

My second year in Bajothang was indeed more challenging and exciting. Having to prepare myself for the BHSEC academically, I was assigned with an additional role of office bearer. This made my days challenging. When the fellow classmates were busy studying by the cranny of campus, the office bearers cannot completely deny their duty. It was indeed the trust and faith bestowed upon us by the entire school so it becomes an utmost duty that we have to render for the benefit of school. 

With special duty comes the special opportunity so I was indeed fortunate to have assigned with such duty. I had a wonderful cultural tour to Paro with the fellow captains, where we visited all the sacred Buddhist places. From the ruins of Drugyal Dzong to antiques of Taa Dzong, from caves of Flying Tiger to strips of nations Flying Drukair, from the ancient monastery of Kyichu to the seat of Drubthob Chakzampa, those were the unforgettable memories created during my stay in Bajothang, which I will cherish forever. 

Besides, I were one of the few who always got an opportunity to accompany the foreign visitors. Trekking to the valley of Black Necked Crane in the spring with Canadian students, it was a great exposure for me. With that chance, not only I got to interact with the foreigner and learned from them their customs but also I experienced the joy of trekking in the mud-ridden paths, enjoying the serenity of natural forests. Of course my participation during a week-long ‘Photo Class’ held in our school, organized by the Asian-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding was more mesmerizing. 

I never failed in my duties and yet I never ignored my studies. When the year finally ended, it was a moment of great joy and satisfaction. The school conferred me with the most prestigious award, “The Best Boy Student of The Year.” It was indeed a reward for my sincere and dedicated contribution to the school with my best ability. When the examinations results were declared in February 2008, I was deeply overwhelmed with ecstasy and jubilation. My marks were worthy enough to grasp a slot for scholarship that our government offers. These were the accomplishments, which I achieved from Bajothang. Those two years were the one of the most fruitful moments in my life.

But the recent disaster that shook my old school really doomed me down. I was shocked at first, and then deeply saddened, and finally to lament over the fateful incident that it has encountered, but all in vain. There is nothing I could do from here. The floods of Punatsangchu erodes the boundary of school every summer but it never quivered its base, the strong winds furl the dust of ground every evening but it never shook the roofs of my school. Unfortunately on the fateful night of 22nd February 2011, from the fierce flames from tiny flickers, It couldn't withstand its firmness when fire razed the administration block to ashes within hours, the long achieved accomplishments and deeds from the time of inception  in 1997.

I sincerely pray for its quick recovery. With the fire, everything has gone but memories imprinted by the school in us will remain forever. Wishing a new beginning and successful progress ahead, My Dear School. 

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  1. After reading your posts I feel like leaving everything behind come down to Bhutan and settel over there....:). I am jealous of every bhutanese...I am angry because I don't have money and time to visit Bhutan often....I am sad because I am not from there.