Sunday, 12 June 2011

Melancholic Reminiscence to my Distant Angel.

Far beyond the rolling hills and lofty peaks,
At the blissful home, lay the princess of my dream.
And here in the foreign soil, amid strangers do I dwell,
My body though free of ailment, my soul twinges for want of you

In the glorious garden of limitless gleam,
Glitters the petals of beauteous gladiolus,
When the humming bee sinks into the fragrance,
I am overwhelmed by memories of our togetherness.

The crescent moon gazing from the azure sky,
The golden fish swimming with tides of flowing rivers,
The rhododendrons growing on the lushly hills,
Glimpse of all of which rings the bell of you.

Beneath loftiest snow mountains of whitish nature,
Amidst the woods, from branches of holy juniper,
When the cuckoos sing dulcet songs with haunting tune,
I am sunken in the reminiscences of your presence.

The dazzling peacock from the tropical plains,
Angelic fowl of heavenly abode, the alpine crane,
The melancholic songs of the temperate dove,
Such forces of nature when sensed,
      my heart aches for want of you.

The chromatic combinations in rainbow on eastern hills,
The monumental paradise of the western regent,
An exceedingly enamored earthly materials of colossal value,
Such elements when beheld, when brought to mind,
     our moments of togetherness are flashed back.

For meeting cause departure, and birth cause death,
Thus impermanence is the only uncertain certainty,
Yet before the impoverishing earth sinks into doomsday,
I pray to almighty, that sooner than later, we be brought together.

P.S. This art of work, I do not claim the originality in my name as it is a translation of the Bhutanese song "Choe Cheri Tang Mey Mo,"  from the feature film "Sem Gawai Tasha."   I would give my full credit to the composer of original Dzongkha lyric. I have the lyric in Dzongkha posted in my previous post.  The song is one of my favourite Bhutanese romantic music, so I and my friend Namgay, in exchange of our words could produce this version in the form of poem. The first and the last stanza, I have added as a prologue and conclusion to the original content.


  1. nice translation...i dreamt so long on translating it but i couldnt do it. you did it... I am proud of you because you did it....

  2. I enjoy doing such rough translation of the songs I like most. Any way thank youbyou for dropping by and commemting on it Monu,
    keep visiting, :)

  3. @ loEp, thanks for dropping by and commenting on it la,
    @ pa_my thank you for stopping by my blog and finding this post cool, :) keep visiting la.

  4. A nice work bro. Loved it :)

  5. Thanks for translating leo...Amazing work :)

  6. I shall share with you my next translation of yet another one romantic song, lol. thanks for ur comments Langa bro and Anu.:))

  7. nice work n hop ur last stanza wishes wil answer by mighty............ PL Wangdi...