Monday, 27 June 2011

Change - Fates Cruel Game.

Change is something that is inevitable. As the sun begins its journey from east to west, the clear dawn would slowly get replaced by a day bright or gloomy and finally comes the dusk, leaving the world in darkness, as such the day’s changes. 

The beautiful spring days of hopefulness with myriad of new beginnings, the natures greenness, the blossom of flowers, the chirping of birds and hatching of young ones, never remain same. Soon it will be replaced by the lengthy days of roasting sun and beats of torrential rain. The summer will not leave us idle but we have to gear ourselves to make the best use of the growing season. The farmers would sweat in field, in schools the children thrive to get the best result. The bankers will not let the heat dry their ponds of money and the businesspersons would swim with the swelled tides of ocean to expand their business. As such, summer of busy-ness would replace the pleasant springs. Soon summer would give its way to the season of bountiful and every one would reap the fruits of their toil. Just like the colourful autumn, it is season of merrymaking and celebration. The days would soon give way to aridness, the parchedness, and emptiness. The winter would come without delaying for an hour. This is the punctuality of natural changes, from which we need to learn a lesson.  

The metamorphosis would occur everywhere like a tiny egg turning into a greedy caterpillar, then into a sluggish pupa, before finally turning into a beautiful butterfly. However, unlike the cycle of life the butterflies enjoy, changes in our life are not always positive and warm. In times, a quirk of luck and swing of fate would replace our days of cheerfulness with unexpected misfortunes. And such changes I call it fates cruel game. 

The lives of innocent family would get shattered when unexpected death knock the door and drag away their sole bread earner, leaving behind the family members helpless and in state of temporal damnation. Neither does God hear their prayers, nor fate diverts their path but leave them without mercy, making them rejuvenate their own strength to make their living. 

An enthusiastic and innovative child with an ambition of pursuing and achieving a different field of study of his interest would land up jobless and unsuccessful when his dream tarnishes as the parents and relatives consider it silly and unreliable, without giving him a try to prove his worth. Simply fate didn’t favour the child in pursuing his dream.

A laborious and intellectual student goes abroad with the purpose of getting the best education but lands up in a wrong place, acquainted by wrong people and thus his acts would tilt towards the edge of negativity finally plunging into the blood of pain and agony, without much hope to regain the inherent strengths and talents.

With the first felt genuine love rejected, terming it a teenage infatuation from the other end without giving a due respect, it would leave the lover doomed into the dreariness, losing the faith to the rhythmic beats of one’s own heart. ‘Sorry, we can be good friends as before,’ indeed becomes the aching sentence to hear to the eardrum. The perception of love changes, attitude and sensation towards love changes, a cruel game of fate. 

But this does not mean fate always plays a cruel game but fate does favor us in with positive changes as well.

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  1. The pain you are going through is reflecting...I am so sorry Leo...everything in the article is perfectly positioned Keep posting:)

  2. Haha, not me necessarily Anu, the pains. Its just a small reflection of mine how fate changes the way we live. Nothing emotional Yet sensational. Any way, thanks for your comment k, keep visiting.

  3. A nice post bro. A real description of life's reality. Liked it. Keep posting!

  4. Many a times such situations do prevail in the life of we people so, I just materialized my limited ideas in posting this. Thanks for liking it Langa Bro. Keep visiting.

  5. change is only thing that donot (change)........been not able to read your posts lately....anyway..keep writing man....dude....we need to resume post of the day...

  6. Reminded bro, hehe. I will try to update it with my silly choice of articles lol.

  7. awesome post! All the explanations were precise! :)

  8. @ Kushal, some pains which we encounter in real life, thanks for dropping by and commenting on it.