Friday, 17 June 2011

For Now I will take my own Pace.

It’s already mid June and by now, our schools in Bhutan might be on their way to do the midterm examinations.  Soon the torrential rains of southwest monsoon will hit our Himalayan kingdom and the best way for the children to enjoy the pitter-patter is peeping through the windows during their midterm vacation.
Whenever I come across friends on social networks, they say it is time for the semester exams and soon they would be enjoying with their parents and loved ones during their semester break. The trend is same whether the colleges are in Bhutan, India or some other places but not in my case. While chatting they ask me when my exam will be starting and look for some good times of congregation during the vacation but my answer remains negative. 
It has been a couple of years now that I last saw my classmates and whenever I go for vacation they are in colleges and our time for break never concurred together. Anyway due to the access to internet and mobile phones we can always chit chat and share information about each other but it does not satiate the joy of being together physically. That is why we tend to miss our parents, relatives and friends more than we usually do when we hear about them or think of them. The state of being together is always more joyful than hanging on phone or net for hours.

It is at this time of the year most of our friends complete their Bachelors degree. After a few months, they would be gearing their life towards the real destiny of works. Complains and excuses won’t work anymore in the case we fail to perform our duties, as one will be attaining adulthood and no more a student.  Parents will be now expecting something from their children instead of paying them. Indeed by the time we complete our studies, our parents would have served us and nursed us no less than twenty five years so obviously they would expect something from us. And it’s at this time of the year the graduates prepares themselves for the upcoming BCSE to get a secure job in government service. 

My session being late comparing to other colleges makes me worry a bit. Regarding the vacations, it is not a problem because they enjoy the monsoon rains with roads blocked and the Losars but I enjoy the spring blossoms and the Thruebab and Thimphu Tsechhu. But coming to the final year degree, if I fail to produce my degree before August, there are chances that I might have to wait for another year, which is going to be a big loss. Am I placed in a wrong college? Or is it a blessing in disguise? Is my fate not favoring me? Or its just a way of life? Many such questions arise in my mind, not only because the session is late comparing to other colleges but due to many more reasons. Still then for now I am done with the midterm exams, when everyone are done with their end terms. Well I will take my own pace for now and wait until the next dawn cracks. Go ahead with your tempo friends. :)

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