Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tree is Like a Loyal Son.
June is a month of monsoon,
And monsoon is season of torrential rain,
The rains quench the thirst of living trees,
Thus, augmenting their speedy growth.

Trees are the sink of Carbon dioxide,
A poison causing our earth to doom.
Thus trees ameliorates our climate
And prevent our environ from degradation.

Trees help the perpetual flow of our rivers,
And rivers rotate the turbine of hydro power,
The hydro powers mini or mega,
Lights Drukyul and is source of revenue.

Trees are not trees but source of livelihood,
The fruits as food, leaves as fodder.
With fibers for ropes, and debris as fertilizer,
Trees cook our meals and warm our homes.

Trees are timber for our house,
In addition, endows us the basic needs.
The air we breathe is trees gift,
And the water we drink is trees wealth.

Beneath the shade of trees do we rest,
And on the branches our children swing,
Amid trees we hear the songs of birds,
And to the trees we worship our almighty.

Thus the trees are like our loyal sons,
Caring their ailing parents with deep concern.
Only a son of beloved parent would repay,
Or sons would drag their parent into misery.

To commemorate day of GNH,
And to celebrate the onset of monsoon rain,
On this day of Social Forestry,
Let us plant a tree and protect it with utmost care,
like a mother does to their only son.
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  1. You will Make a fine Forestry Man :):)

  2. Hoping that I can, Thank you Anu.:)