Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Local Government Election-2011

Yesterday, viz 27.06.2011, Bhutan saw yet another historic moment when the Election Commission of Bhutan successfully conducted the first ever Local Government Elections after the Bhutan transforming into a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy in 2008. The general election for the Parliamentarians were conducted in December 2007- March 2008, but somehow the Local Government Election got delayed by almost three years and in the final stage too, it was further delayed by another one month due to the issue of former political party members being present in the contest without completing their one year cooling period. However, we are lucky to have our benevolent monarch to guide us and divert us towards the right path by compromising all odds into goodness for the general benefit. So finally, an important milestone was crossed in the transition to democratic Bhutan yesterday when all the 205 Gewog's elected their Gup's, Magni's, Tshogpas, and Thromde Thuemi's for the urban centers.

I have heard and read in newspapers that many urbanites are not aware of who their village representatives are and who would best benefit their village since most of them resided away from home for the service of nation or for making their own lifestyles better. Still then, they exercised their duties of voting either by traveling home with the purpose of voting or voted through postal ballots for the benefit of their relatives, friends and acquaintances. 

But sadly I could not take part in this Local Government Election in neither ways, though I know my village representatives in person. When I went for pressing the Electronic Voting Machine during the election of National Council candidates and National Assembly candidates, back in December 2007 and March 2008 respectively, I felt a sense of pride and euphoria for having participated in such a great event. Every single vote counts and as such having participated in electing our representatives for the parliament is an embodiment of true citizen.

The whole day I was thinking who could be my Gup, and Magmi. At around 9:00 PM I was checking into Kuensel online and found a tag “LG Election results for Gup and Mangmi June 27, 2011”. But despondently I could see the name of elected representatives of my gewog. Today morning somehow I managed to learn that Rinchen Penjor is the new Gup, Gyem Tshering the new Mangmi for my Gewog, viz. Sephu, Wangdue Phodrang. CONGRATULATIONS to them.

Rinchen Penjor the former Gup has already served the Gewog for almost nine years and this is his third consecutive win. It’s an indication that he is the best and he serves his best. I have never heard anybody speaking against him regarding his shortcomings while in village as well. Being a seasoned Gup the people would be now anticipating new changes and developments under his leadership.  Its an opportunity for him to complete the developmental activities that were initiated during his previous term as well.

As a son of the villager myself, one thing I would expect for my village, Darilog, is a good cantilever bridge to link my isolated village from rest. Nikkachu is the only barrier for my village in particular. However, our representatives would best understand the needs of our people so as the developmental works commences, I am sure that our people at grass root level would reap the best fruit of their votes.   

There were 194,357 voters turnout from the 347,938 registered voters (56%) for the local government election, as per news reports. Having elected all the Local government post the government structure under the Constitution is complete.

May peace prevail forever on the soil of Drukyul forever.

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