Monday, 6 June 2011


In my opinion partition is a sort of barrier that separates or divides two or more things from each other without letting it mix and the reasons for such partition is obviously due to distinguishing characters each group possess. In a set of flowers, we group roses into one set and gladiolus into another thus our instinct is such that we tend to create barrier by differentiation and separation. Well this is in regards to objects of inanimate nature.

Such partition does exist in the society we live. Man is a social animal yet they tend to create a society of homogeneous nature. Blacks in one region and whites in another thus bringing the situation of racism and social prejudice. Racism is a problem across the globe since ancient periods. It is said that America was a country torn by racism, the native Americans generally the whites discriminating the African immigrants who were blacks. Such a foul instinct of we human create a partition and as such is a cause of social disharmony. In the recent days also, there are instances where Indians are considered inferior by the Australians that results in the assault and harassment of Indian students studying in Australia.

Within a society of same ethnic civilization also, there are certain sorts of partition among the people. Riches and landlords ill treat their fellow workers and poor families considering them mere slaves. Even Bhutan through the ages, I believe, passed through such situations. There were people considering themselves of higher class and they use to employ slaves to work under them. Just for an instance, Choeje’s were considered superior and Khoe & Joow an inferior group in the society. “Cut our flesh and you would see milk oozing from it” such a saying do exist in our society as well but it is a story of past. Our third king and father of modern Bhutan, His Majesty late Jigme Dorji Wangchuck totally abolished the practice of serfs and put an end to the age old practiced feudalism. Bhutanese are Bhutanese and there is no distinction of caste, colour and creed as such. While people coming from different regions might be referred by name corresponding to their locality like, Sharchop, Ngalong and Lhotsampa, this are just the ethnic identity which we possess but we enjoy the freedom of equality as enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The sensation of equality is the charm of Bhutanese and peace is what we enjoy together. 

If we look into Indian context, caste-cism is a common phenomenon. There are instance where the North Indians, generally the people from Bihar are insulted and harassed when the travel to southern states of Karnataka and Maharashtra (Such scenes are depicted in Bollywood films). Such an inhumane perception in the mind of people is the biggest weakness of we thinking beings. 

Well, as days passed by I am really fed up with this thing called caste system in the hostel where I am residing. The Indian society is such that they are categorized as ST (Scheduled Tribes), SC (Scheduled Castes), OBCs (Other Backward Castes), Generals and the list goes on. Some of the fellow students, they blame Mahatma Gandhi (which I presume to be the man behind the Independent India) as an man behind Indians being categorized into such a system but then he did for a good cause, upliftment of the minorities. Now the Indian administration is such that the people of lower castes have to adhere less obligations but enjoy more opportunities. They have quotas reserved for them in civil service as well. Yet in certain corners of the country many tribal peoples remain so backward totally ignored by the majority The generals on the other hand have to pay huge amount for everything they do (be it taxes, college fees, price for rations et al) and finally when it is time for employment and other opportunities they have to fight the toughest competition yet they consider themselves superior.

Such differential castes have caused partition among the students studying the same course, sitting in the same class and this is one reason, which leads to lots of unpleasant fumes in the atmosphere in which I dwell, sometimes even leading to quarrelsome and fight among them. They term it Phylum Bazi, (differentiating themselves according to phylum) and they seldom stay united. There is scarcity of water in the hostel, power is a major problem which cuts off any time leaving us in the dark swamp sweating like anything. Unless the students come to a single term, such problems will persist because nobody would proceed to the head of institution for reporting the problems and the institution wont never look into students welfare. Many a times groups fail to come to a single conclusion in achieving a purpose for the goodness of both. The term unity is lost and finally everyone suffers be it the Generals or Scheduled Tribes with international heads like us, what a joke. The negative impact of such a partition is thus huge.

Breathing an air in such an environ makes people like me sick mentally though my body free of ailments and my TINY WORLD seems completely shrouded by GLOOMINESS and this is the real mundane of suffering.

“My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains,
My sense, as though hemlock I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains...”
unlike the pains endured by John Keats due to songs of Nightingale, for me it is a pain endured due to what we call wilderness and lack of unity, the PARTITION they have created amongst them. Living in a competitive world of twenty first century, equality should be the principle that we should stick on and united we should stand for unity is strength, rather than staying wild with the ego of superiority in the society.

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