Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Tiny World.

photo source: google images
The path I walked
Was fragile and thorny.
The journey I travelled
Was an Adventure of Robinson.
The dream I dreamt
Was a dream full of disarray.

The friends I acquainted,
Turned out to be a foe.
The air I breathe
Is but a stink of cigarette.
The destiny chosen by me,
Drenched me into sufferings.

The radiance of smile
Was a venom in disguise.
Without much hope
The life seems wasted.
Even the call of silent heart,
It produced no echo.

The time is ticking away,
And so is my life.
In the land of aridness,
My lushly leaf is to wither
Before the moon
Complete its waxing phase.

Thus the tiny world of mine,
Is shrouded in gloominess
And my mind no more in peace
But in muddled state.
Now Shall I weep,
Or wipe off my tears.

Now to the guardian deity,
I seek my refugee.
For your bless I pray
Oh almighty! Guide me
And me like sentient beings
Towards the horizon of silver lines.


  1. wonderful work n hav passion soon ur hrt wil give echo... keep writing ma.... PL Wangdi

  2. Wishing that every single word of my heart produce the echo in proportionate manner but some how it fails. may be its cos every sound does not produce echo instantly. Any way nice to see you following my scribbles. Keep visiting la.

  3. Yeah! we do need peace of mind to get away from whatever the disaster is.

  4. Yeah, you are right Yeesi, when we fail to maintain the peace of our mind amidst adversity, then its not only difficult to overcome it but we also tend to loss our passion and interest for reaching the stipulated target. Thanks for dropping by mey..