Friday, 1 July 2011

Peace in the Darkness.

For my readers who missed it on WAB. First shared on Writers Association of Bhutan on 6th December 2010.
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Settled in the nest are the chirping birds,
Having toured the length of day by endless flight.
Secured from inflictive forces by leafy guards,
So peacefully they rest, with soul full of delight.

The honking vehicles diminishes its noise to halt,
And the empty road swiftly swept by the gusty wind.
In harmony, the peasants leave their farm belt,
To supper and then a cosy nap, with free mind.

Amidst the cumulus clouds it paved its way,
The sun shifts to the other world, its luminous light,
Falling beyond the crimson horizon of heavenly bay,
Leaving in limelight, the twinkling stars so bright.

Calm is the environment with whispers of gentle breeze.
In deep silence, I listen to my rhythmic heart,
Which calls to follow the dreams of ecstasy in ease,
Without shattering the focus of mind apart.

Though the glows of light cease,
It is a beauteous moment, with mind free of tension.
Deep into the darkness, we rest in peace,
Oh night! you value a great deal of pension.


  1. wow.... wow... wow.. kay baht hay, kay baht hay.... u r such a great poet who alys inspires me... keep going bro... no words to comment on it.. jigs.... jigss..

  2. Haha, this is too much yah. Any way, thank you so much for dropping by, and commenting on it. We never know who get inspired where, so visitors like you inspire me to keep my pace.