Sunday, 10 July 2011

Murder 2.

So in order to relieve from those woes, to alleviate the mental despairs of anguish grief, and to regain the lost sense of humanness (reference to the last poem), I along with my friends and few localites planned to go for an outing. This time the six-lane road widening project has caused lots of devastation as well. Initially there were lots of trees by the roadside which provides us with refreshing shades as we move by Auto Rickshaws. But no more now. Besides I could see group of local dwellers with axe and hatchets chopping every single piece of stump available on the roadside like wolfs tearing off the innards of their kill. Indeed it’s a good sign because this calls for the judicious utilization of the limited resource they have. 

So in the summer sun of scorching nature, with temperature as high as 40 degree Celsius, we dared to move out and directed towards a recently opened Glitz cinema in the main city. The film was to start at 10:30 am but the lethargic nature of few colleagues made us late by fifteen minutes. Damn it! This is something I do not like for I sticks so much to time. The rate was high with each ticket costing 150 Bucks, a total that the striving rickshaw paddlers won’t fetch a day, but we finish it for a two hour long entertainment.  

Climbing up by the escalators and lift to the seventh floor, entering the Glitz Multiplex for the first time was kindda thrill comparing to watching “Three Idiots” couple of years ago in a suffocating ordinary cinema hall. Watching Avatar in Eilex was a cosy and superb one though. More thrill as the scenes on the wide screen featured the sensual and exciting scene between the Arjun and Priya, no sooner we got seated. 

The film, like every Bollywood exhibits the true but disheartening incidents that happen in some parts of the Indian subcontinent. Arjun Bhagwat (Emraan Hashmi), who plays a former cop, makes his living by doing odd jobs for the gangsters of Goa. Whether he believes in god or not but regularly, he visits the church to donate money for the orphans so we can call him the Robin Hood of Goa.

Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) who's in love with Arjun is a models for sleazy magazines, which is why we can see her shedding some part of her cloths, showing the viewers her erogenous zones. Such scenes, whether call it either unpleasant or erotic but the viewers seems overjoyed as they welcome it with applauses. She speaks less but whenever she tries her eloquence, her dialogues are lost inside Arjun's mouth as he indulges her in one smooch after another.

What brings more thrill and scream is a psycho-killer, Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayan) who became an eunuch cross-dresses himself woman in the event of his task in killing the call girls and prostitutes. His procedures is simple, change himself into a witch like woman, sings a melodious hymn, and with his hatchet compels his prey to scream so that he can record it before chopping into pieces and disposing off in the pits.

Now the duty to trace several prostitutes, who have almost vanished in thin air falls on Arjun, because the police is not keen to rake up the issue of the missing girls for fear of media backlash. Arjun is compelled to leave Priya. Somehow, Arjun suspected Dheeraj as the culprit behind such mystery but he is required to prove with clue and evidence. Dheeraj having caught by Arjun, takes to the police custody where he confessed to his sinister deeds but his neurotic nature saves him. 

Police: Tell me about where you are from and where you live?
Dheeraj: Hmm. I have a brain tumor so I couldn’t recollect where I am from and where I live.
Police: Ok, so you don’t know your address also. Then with whom do you live.
Dheeraj: Ok, I live with my uncle who is somewhere else now.
Police: What’s your uncles name?
Dheeraj: Oh, he got such a unique name. Wait let me remember. Ahh,,, I forgot it. Actually once he wrote his name in my diary pad but for now i have left the diary at home, the address of which I don’t remember.

Through an intricate mixture of dramas and suspense, with unexpected twists and distressing violence, finally the climax is reached when Priya was called for the a photo session by Dheeraj not knowing she is going to breathe her last. But somehow fate drags Arjun to Dheeraj's home before Priya did, where Arjun discovers the secrets thus revealing the fact that Dheeraj is the serial killer.

The movies as the title suggests spats lots of blood on the screen, and the screams really raise our adrenaline rush, thus relieving us from our daily customary woe and cries, or your hectic days, let me say.

Murder 2, A Bollywood movie directed by Mohit Suri and produced by Mahesh Bhatt, starring Imran Hashmi and Jacqueline Ferndez is rated 3 / 5.



  1. It is the most awaited movie here in Wollongong because almost all girls are fan of Imran including myself :) . Looks like you had fun watching the movie and I am hoping to enjoy as well.

  2. The movie was interesting and yeah, it was agreat fun for nearly two hours in the hall. And i am sure you will also enjoy it and there is every reason why Imran is favourite hero of many girls :P Till then wait for its arrival. Good days ahead, Yeesi7.

  3. wow i was really tempted by your words describing each and every character in the movie especially her.. ah a.. seems you had a very nice moment watching the movie right.. though you have missed the beginning..

  4. Hey Rhigden, If you got tempted by my mere descriptions, then I would say you watch the movie, your furs would rise and blood circulation would increase causing your nerves grow strong and tight, lols,. they consider it adult movie.

  5. A nice review....i watced it after reading your review here :P...
    you are right! The violence is too freaked me out...esp the psycho-killer, he should be awarded the best villian role in recent times.

  6. The role of Prashant is appreciated by many so his chance of winning the award for best villian is never zero. Perhaps he might surely win in one of the many Awards. Thanks for dropping Aue Rekha.