Thursday, 14 July 2011

Being Blessed and Lucky

Floating above a mighty lake is a yoke with a single hole. The ebb and flow of waves as and when breeze swirls, it takes the yoke from one corner of the lake to another and never did it remain static. At the bottom of the lake dwelled a turtle, which live an eternal life but with both the eyes blind. By karmic virtue, the turtle has the opportunity to come up to the surface of lake to sense the light once in every hundred years, but the probability of turtle to fit in the hole of the floating yoke is so rare. Such examples are cited in Buddhist texts to relate how difficult it is to be born as a human being. So having born as the human in this beautiful world, aren’t we the luckiest person in this world? 

There are many people who are crippled and handicapped, with eyes blind, legs lame, vocally dumb, mentally psychiatric, and the list goes on. Though lucky to be a human, yet they are so unfortunate that they cannot sense the true beauty of the world in which they live. Their lives are shrouded in the clouds of ignorance and even if a beautiful rainbow is casted on the clouds, they neither can feel the splendor, nor sense the pleasure. Having blessed without impaired physique and with ideal mentality, we can enjoy every glitz of glamour, face every bits of obstacles, and pave our own path towards the destiny. What more qualities should we possess to be the luckiest?

Yet there are those ill fated kids, who get conceived in their mother’s womb but fails to see the light. While many children die soon after birth, many more are killed by their own mother through abortion, thus not only depriving their child to come in this world and seek their destiny but also risking their own life. Furthermore, there are instances where many children are abandoned by their parents and land up in slavery or doing odd jobs. Some children even don’t have a privilege to live with the gender they are fertilized with when their greedy parents alter the sex, what a disgust. But lucky are we, being the original self, born and brought up by affectionate parents, cared and loved by loving relatives, and surrounded by network of trustworthy friendship. 

Meanwhile many people breathe their last at such a tender age, and have to leave this world. Every nook and cranny of the world is insecure, the air, the water, the land. A crash of plane leaves the entire passenger charred. Derailment of trains kills and cripples thousands. Road accidents cause more havoc. I cannot tolerate to hear such dreadful news about explosionsand bomb blasts killing many innocent people every now and then. Where is the secure place when a dog bites ones leg while walking down the footpath, only to get infected with rabies followed by death. Hearing and looking in such cases there is nothing I can do but to pray for those who deceased and condemn the situation, though of no help. But we are blessed not having to face such fateful incidents. 

The greatest pride in me is being the son of Palden Drukpa,
 “Where the mind is without fear and head is held high,
Where knowledge is free,” - RabindranathTagore.
Where divine king blesses his subjects with utmost care,
Where benevolent leaders guide the nation towards path of perfection,
Where citizens enjoy equal rights without partitions and fragmentations,
Where Gross National Happiness echoes from the corner of every valley,
Where Buddhism roots deeper for enlightening every soul,
 And where the sun of peace and prosperity will shine till eternity. 


  1. I second your thoughts Leo, there is no country as blessed as ours and no other being in any other parts of the world purely luckier than us, the Bhutanese. Being away from my country has taught me this love for my country and its blessed womb in which I dwell.

  2. Great Post Leo.
    I think you are absolutely right of us being lucky for having born in Drukyul and to wonderful and loving parents who brought us up.
    One realizes the beauty of one's country only when we are out of country and I guess you are missing your relatives and country.
    When I was in India for my undergraduate, life was never easy being away from people I love and the country I love. I have always loved and felt relieved whenever I saw Bhutan gate in Phuentsholing while traveling by road during my return journey to Bhutan.
    But, Bhutanese has never remained the same. With time lots of rape cases, abortion, burglary are reported which is sad indeed.
    Despite all these I love my country.
    Palden Drukpa----La Gyel Lo.

  3. @ Land of Eternal Happiness: thanks for supporting my thoughts la. As your name suggest, I could see how you are attached towards our motherland and now that we are away from home, we can best feel how we are lucky to be born in Drukyul. Wishing you a happy stay wherever you are la.

    @ Sangay sir: You are very true la. When we are away from our home and our beloved parents, only then we can value their worth. Just like your experience, my approach towards eastern hills and forests, fills me with joy and i feel homely no sooner I pass by tea gardens of Bengal when returning home.
    Yet in times, its disgusting to see our fellow citizens involved such acts of rape, abortion, etc,,, but this mistake would teach the remaining citizens about consequences of such odd acts.
    Thanks for dropping by and ahsring your thoughts la.

  4. Hello bro, What a nice and thoughtful post! I completely support your view. In fact, you know, as I read those news of explosion of bombs and train derailments, I had the same feelings and was disturbed. Your post almost resembles my thoughts. So thanks for sharing an do keep writing bro.!

  5. Hi Langa bro, I didnt knew that I stole your concept and thoughts, haha. Mind not ok, lol. So being able to look back to the bygone day and gasp with sigh of relief, "Thank God, I could finish my day successfully without any complications to my life", we need not ask for more blessing than this. Such news havoc really disturbs our mind. Thanks for being a regular reader of my posts. Keep visiting.

  6. Great one Leo , other day I was watching a documentary about India and Pakistan , After watching that I feel like I am blessed that the partition has already happen . Loved the poem...Indeed your country is Amazing, one should consider very lucky to be born in Durkyul :):)

  7. Once the partition is created in the mind of people, then its vital to have it differentiated rather than getting into conflicts for a long run. But how peaceful the soil would be if such traits are not built in the minds of we humans.
    Thanks for your regular visits and beautiful comments Anu.

  8. @Leo, I believe the Sense of Belongingness is what we should remember always.

    Nice one! :)