Monday, 18 July 2011

The Norms of Life.

Kindness, the sweetest of all language
Is seen by blind and heard by deaf.
Insult not to others, for this is a luggage
Neither man could carry, nor could he bear.

Negligence; with desolation at infancy,
Is life’s hateful enemy; to have a prosperous living,
Exuberant one should be. And to attain ecstasy,
Yeah, what we need is self believing.

When things go wrong, as sometimes they will,
Abandon not but try hard with good notion.
Nourish the conscience, as failure builds skill
Then go on- there lies the path to perfection.

Easily we can conquer the obstacles,
If target is set with determination.
Outstanding result awaits like miracles.
Only if we stick to norms of our life.


  1. Quite Encouraging, liked it!

  2. A nice and a meaningful, sweet rhyme! Keep posting!

  3. This is one of the poems written when I was in plus two, after editing and making some changes, i shared on WAB and then on my blog. Thanks for visiting and liking my stuffs, Yeesi.

  4. Nicely said....a good one......

  5. Its opleasure to see you following and visiting my blog, Tandekz. Thanks for your first and valuable compliment on my blog, Keep visiting la.

    @ Langa: Just a random thoughts brought up in the form of verse. thanks for finding it sweet, the rhymes.

  6. You write Amazing Leo,This poem is one of the best.I want to read the original one do inbox me :)

  7. Hi Anu, thank you very much for being my regular visitor and dropping comments selflessly, :) Thanks to thy compliments, I keep my pace. I will do that inboxing, lol.