Friday, 8 July 2011

Desperate Cries.

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Fall for the snows of majestic mountains,
But so soon, it is liable to melt.
Trust on the mist of hilly terrains,
But they too disappear before the pleasure is felt.

Mistake me not, for its not a pain of love,
But it is the agony of lust, for need of knowledge,
With no push from back and pull from above,
Sinking into wrong place is my fateful privilege.

Being an exotic on the soil of tribal sphere
The quest for knowledge confronts with aching strain.
When jackal like howls are heard from everywhere,
My mental peace lost, and my purpose goes in vain

Retrospection, reminiscence and remorseful thought
Of the phenomenon of pain, pleasure and prejudices.
They conquer my spirits, and reckless nerves I sought
As neither cries nor tears, could help me seek secure auspices.


  1. People are liable to change and so are you. They yearn for more knowledge just like you but very few achieves it. I hope you get whatever you are waiting for. Good Luck!!! Life is all about change and impermanence.

  2. Wonderful bro.! Simply nice. Keep writing. Enjoyed reading it :)

  3. As the days of formal learning gradually counts down to limited days, I look back the footprints I have left, and look ahead the doors which awaits me but as such drastic changes inured in me, Sometimes I wonder why such retrogression befall on us.Anyways thank you for your good wishes, Yeesi7. Keep visitng :)

    Glad to learn that my writings somehow touch the hearts of few people. Thanks for your compliment Langa bro.

  4. Ah! Read such beautiful poetry in a very long time! Being from hills in the lap of nature makes a great poet!!Enjoyed it!

  5. Hi Niyati, Thank you for dropping by and commenting on my posts. Myself being a country side boy, nature inspires we to exploit its secrets of beauty, which i express in the form of verses, which is why in every verse, you will find an element of nature.
    Thank you for eying on the other posts as well. Keep visiting. :)