Sunday, 30 October 2011

Season of Joy and Mellow Fruitfulness.

In an attempt to write a poem for each season, finally as the autumn shifts towards winter, i produced this, though not a good one. Now I complete a full circle with each passing seasons.

The monsoon has turned drizzles and heats mild,
As the sun shifts towards southern hemisphere.
Yesterday, the trees were green gold
But today, the leaves are stained with multiple hue.

The fruit laden trees give us a hearty vow
While in the garden do the bees buzz
Waving good bye to those beauteous flowers,
As the frost hardens to rage the fragile plants.

People hear the jolly voice of alpine birds,
That swarmed the temperate vales in euphoric mood.
Gone are the days of limitless lights of tiresome nature
With each passing day getting shorter and nights long.

The air is filled with fragrance of fruit,
And farmers sing the lusty songs of bounty reap.
With colourful dances on joyous occasions,
Festivity runs through our thrilling veins.

Jest and jokes brings us a cheerful mirth,
When together we bask the heat around hearth.
With autumn come the colours of happiness,
With dearth of pains from bygone summer.

If not for the love fallen like autumn leaves,
That filled the heart weary and dreams bizarre.
Autumn brings in hopes like colourful harvest,
To keep us destined to pre-written fate,
 for its season of joy and mellow fruitfulness.

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  1. nice one bro.. feels as if dancing with dynamic seasons...

  2. thanks for the compliment buddy. :)

  3. The season is a circle. You get to experience one after another. Nothing is permanent and change is important in life.

  4. Very true Yeesi. So as the circle of season changes, we also should adapt to the changes in order to best acclimatize with it. Life is beautiful when beautiful things happen.

  5. Compared to my poem, yours is far more better and now i am wondering that there is a great thinker is this world...and that is you!

  6. Dear Dorji Nguldrup,
    Thanks a lot for taking your time to flip the pages of this blog. Your comment though, really I dont deserve such a praise, It inspires me more. Thank you very much la.