Sunday, 23 October 2011

Through the Lens of Nokia Mobile

As the fellow students were trying to escape the daily schedule in name of Durga Puja, this year I had this special excuse of Royal Wedding back home to escape the routine for a while. Though we were having tiresome days in the field growing quality planting materials, which are very vital for the successful completion of our semester, we approached the Office of Warden to get this special leave in name of Royal Wedding, and today I share this snapshots from my Nokia mobile. I became to lazy to jot down things now. As stated before, "the pen though mightier than sword is now clogged".

First and Last Site to take Refuge. 
WangDzong Bathed in Morning Sun
Dangchhu Tsangchhu Confluence- A Destiny.
Arch of PunaTsangChhu Bridge.
Hill Tops Awaits the Crystalline Flakes.
The Chillness of PeleLa.
A countryside where I was raised.
To be Lighted Soon, the Ultimate Hope of People.

LawaLa Pass on the way to Gantey/Phobjikha.

Gangtey Lhakhang- Seat of Pema Lingpa.

WangdueGoenpa Lhakhang- Seat of Dorji Lingpa.

Chendebji Chorten on the way to Trongsa.
Trongsa ChoekhorRabtentse Dzong.

PungThangDewaChenpoi Phodrang decorated for Royal Wedding.
Celebrations in Changlimithang Stadium.
................................and then back to my normal routine.


  1. Wonderful pics bro. I must say from the pictures that though you had a short stay there, it was eventful and refreshing too. :) Now i am about to leave the normal routine, at least for two months.

  2. Interesting! I miss going to Gangtey Goenpa, I was in class 10 then. Nice collection :D

  3. @ Langa: Yeah, my short break was kinda exhilarating and memorable. Hope your vacation will be more eventful and enjoyable. Happy Vacation.

    @ Yeesi: Thanks for the comment, We were there during Gangtey Tsechu this time and the more interesting part is being able visit the numerous chamber/alters of this sacred temple.

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