Friday, 30 December 2011

2011- The Year Just Gone By.

So, the year 2011 also has finally come to an end and our final destiny is one step closer. Looking back to the bygone year of 2011, my life was the same monotonous mundane but it all began with a visit to a friend in Kolkata who happens to be from my own village with whom I never met before if not for the connectivity offered by facebook. Since then meeting new friends and strengthening the old ties kept my days moving and life turned out to be so vivacious with wonderful memories. Yet there might be few instances where I offended some good friends of mine and made them angry. It’s all an error if ever happened so forgive me for my errs.

As months switched by, my mind like a  fluffy feather in hasty breeze, it toured the wildest of universe, and my soul, it drenched into thirst of temptation the curse of which I was not aware before. That was a rueful incident, which made me more aware of consequences of unhealthy thoughts, and reminded me of the real goals of my life. And no worries, the April shower filled me with spiritual glory.

When repeated strikes in the college left our classes suspended and when most of the fellow students leave for their home, my life seemed derelict and dejected. In such times, I had to draw inspiration from the surrounding nature. This made me shift my habit of writing simple verses taking muse from the beauty of nature with each changing months and consequently the seasons. It is never too late to start something new and to begin any endeavour/ task, or better late than never.

It was never easy to thrive in a soil when small misunderstandings prevail between the native fellows and me. Life seems paused and the quest for knowledge confronts with aching strain. Retrospection, reminiscence and remorseful thoughts of the phenomenon of pain, pleasure and prejudices, they conquer my spirits, and I sought reckless nerves as neither cries nor tears could help me seek secure auspices, but the sense of being Bhutanese make me feel lucky and fortunate.  

Came the months of September and yet again I experienced a sense of idiocy which is why I filled my blog with silly poems in sequel which finally ended with the hope as ultimate solace when the circle remained incomplete. But such changes are inevitable in life. Yet I could not make out what is wrong with my fate or I don’t know whether I am dreaming so expensively. Visiting home for the jubilation of historic royal wedding was not so blissful for me for my heart experienced the stain, which I never felt before.

I then devoted my time on reading some novels and focussed attentively on my semester obligations of raising quality planting materials and its marketing. The seeds that I have sown in the month of August finally sprouted its lush green leaves and as the semester nears its completion in the next few weeks time, I became busier preparing the semester reports. For almost two months now, I have been out of touch with facebook and I am missing my valuable friends who have always kept my idle and lonely life out here more dynamic.

Now the new year of 2012 is near, but our hostel is getting deserted with only few heads living in. Since before the Christmas, students started bunking one after another to enjoy the New Year with their loved ones at home. Today on the 365th days of 2011, we are just three in the hostel, and we have no special plan for the New Years Eve, but I wish to start my new year afresh tomorrow to fill up down the 366 pages of 2012 successfully.

Happy New Year of 2012 to Every One.


  1. wish u happy new year and a peaceful and productive year.

  2. Thanks a lot and same to you la. Have a wonderful year.