Saturday, 24 December 2011

Don 2: The King is Back.

The winter is chilly and with the celebration of Christmas and then new year around the corners, home seems to be the sweetest destiny, which is why we are left with just a handful of students in the hostel. Distance is a bar to reach home for me, so I made my mind to visit the cinema and experience the thrill of Shah Rukh Khans Don2, as a part of chilly celebration. Directed by Farhan Akhtar, the director of prequel Don:The Chase Begins Now, it is a worth watching film, and here I present the summary of the film.

The King is Back! This time to rob a bank in Berlin. With a start of thrilling action to topple the enemies back in Thailand, (supposedly those of the prequel Don, where he was involved in drug trade) Don (Shah Rukh Khan) somehow entangles himself in the hands of an Inspector Malik (Om Puri)and Roma (Priyanka Chopra) to get himself locked in a jail in Malaysia where one of his old enemies, Vardhaan, is also locked. Well, it is not the failure on the part of don to be caught by the inspector in Malaysia and get himself thrown as inmates but it is a tactic used by don to achieve his own goal. After all, to catch a don is not a difficult task but an impossible one.

To befriend a person who is an enemy once will always instill a fear in oneself, but then don tactfully convince his old enemy and break out of prison in a joint plan by feeding the fellow inmates with poison to fled to Zurich in order to retrieve the content of the locker which only Vardhaan (Boman Irani) can access. But why Don wants to retrieve the content of locker? Well, there lies an interesting story behind and its simple. All the high ranked officers are corrupt. Diwan (Aly Khan), the vice president of Euro printing bank bribed someone to kill his opponent, but heaven has saved the video clip containing the info about his bribing, which Don will use to blackmail him to get the information about the currency printing plates, Dons ultimate goal.

To add more sequels to the action, Don gets cheated when Diwan provide him with the fake blueprints and arranges an assassin to kill Don, but Don loves to live than die. Don then bring under his control the assassins and they form a team, and Diwan is left with only two options, i.e. either go to jail or help don but who wish to get oneself defamed.

Well don is not a free bird in Berlin. After learning that don has landed in Zurich, the detective and Roma traces dons path creating a thrilling and heartbreaking run and chase scene amid heavy traffic of Berlin. A spectacular scene that gives an adrenaline rush is when Don makes a 300 feet jump from a skyscraper to escape the bullet of his follower, who is just few meters away.

While in the act of robbing the bank, Don seeks the intelligence of Sameer (Kunal Kapoor), a computer mastermind together with other associates Vardhaan et al. but after getting the plates, Vardhaan and his team mates betray Don and get the plates at gun point. Don was helpless and had to surrender only to get caught by the police. In the building Vardhaan and his team has taken hostages and demands an immediate helicopter to get themselves fled and hostage freed. But only don can be at rescue so police had to cooperate with don for which don demands his immunity papers.

Hostages released, plates surrendered, Vardhaan and his associates arrested, and don escapes with his immunity paper but the plate, which is under Diwans care finishes in a car explosion pre-set by Don, which only appears to be a fake one. Don is not only free of police charges but also owns the original plates and becomes the king of under world. Well, a scene of sensuality is exhibited by Dons sweet heart Ayesha (Lara Dutta), who also plays an important role in achieving the impossible missions of Don. But one thing, chemistry has evolved between the Don and Roma, which might be revealed in Don3.?.

Thus, King Khan is once again back on screen this year with his new genre of films, Action-thriller. When Ra.One was released in September, I took a chance to watch it in cinemas than watching half audible, blurred, pirated copies. The film produced with a budget of some 175 crore rupees, though it had a record breaking box office, it seems that it really didn’t suit the Indian audience. It is deeply criticized and not little appreciation was given for its stunning graphics and changes that brought to bollywood. The audience simply love romantic fantasies and real life drama of Indian politics and society. However Don 2 has already received a warm gesture and the trauma brought by Ra.One should be over in King Khan, the King of Romance, who now shifts to action-thrillers as he ages. 


  1. thank you for sharing the info regarding the film..

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  2. I enjoyed the film though not as thrilling as that of Don1 story. Any way thanks for dropping by, Gayatri sir. Keep visiting.

  3. wow that seems to be an amazing film.. well narrated bro.. seriously i would not have understood the film to this extend even if i were in the cinema hall with you.. enjoyed going throug ur post... keep blogging...

  4. Great review Lethro...heard so much abt the movie...cant wait to see it...:)

  5. @ Dorjay: Yeah, the film was a good as far as my judgement is concerned. And thank you for dropping by and commenting on it.:D
    @ Sangye: Madam, try to grasp a good cd and enjoy it la. Thanks for your compliment.

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