Saturday, 21 January 2012

Facebook scribbles.

Written when the path I am traveling seems to be taking a much longer duration to reach the final destination.

paths of variety,

"It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent...” but when the other end seems least bothered and more reluctant to work for a good cause, then our will to prepare and prevent fades, leaving us startled!
Eroding the paths once paved with glistening emeralds to transform everything into a history of life. History which some people won’t dare to look back and history which others have experienced in a similar manner to loath about.

Four years ago, I Consciously had chosen a path which seems to be a mistaken one. To fight the wars, I feed a steed and developed a shoe for it and as years passed by the horse aged and shoe got torn and when I am to fight the ultimate battle, it seems my steed is exhausted and the shoe is beyond repair. Now I leave the fate of my unfinished mission in the hands of almighty.

The hopes cultivated in the garden of my heart diminishes, the aspirations developed with beat of my rhythmic heart stopped and finally the life jacket which I have been wearing for years is lost and thus I may sink in this ocean.

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