Sunday, 15 January 2012

Like a Bird-II

A poem for children,

Like a bird, I want to fly,
Above the clouds so high.
Soaring higher in the sky
Without any obstacles nearby.

When storms of desperation struck me,
Like a bird, I will set myself free,
To discover the joy, lengthy or wee,
Amid the beauty of elegant tree.

When to me, the drizzles of happiness befall
The flocks of same feather, I would call
And like a bird, heartily I would sing for all
For the recipe, they shared big or small.

When entire world tends to act cruel,
And quenches their greed with goals dual
Like a bird, I would contend with simple gruel
And pray for goodness of each individual.


  1. It's a wonderful poem bro. Not only children, we adults also do have such feelings sometimes :P Enjoyed reading it. Keep posting.

  2. thanks for your lovely compliment, langa bro. :)