Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Painful Truths.

Like the flutters of gentle breeze,
And like the rustling of autumn leaves,
My bewildered thoughts, it escaped my body
To discover the truth of unknown quest.

Up on the hills facing the rising sun,
The flags flap amid ferocious fogs.
The inscriptions on it, when fades with time,
I discovered the fact of impermanence.

Down in the flow of swift rivers,
Swims the fishes with fearless soul,
Yet when in the tyrants net they entangle,
I discovered the truth of untimely death.

In the fields filled with the final reap
When suddenly the storms hits violently
The peasants, they weep in agony
And I discovered the truth of uncertainty.

The chromatic rainbows on the hillsides
And the flowers that embellish the gardens,
When in fragment of seconds they perish,
I realized the short lives of natural beauty.

Thus far, my thoughts it roamed
And like the free flowing river life passes by
Never to return and when I realized my wilderness,
I discovered that final destiny is one step closer.


  1. Beautiful Poem!
    Impermanence never dies. It lives on!

  2. Thanks Yeesi... :D
    u update ur blog sa..
    - Author.