Sunday, 27 May 2012

When Mind Matters.

Man is a product of his thoughts.

The great Indian Master Nagarjuna, in his letter to his friend has said that it is the nature of human mind to get tempted to the materials of this world, which actually are all insignificant and mere illusions. Such a wealth if accumulated and not used for the wellbeing of all sentient beings is an accumulation of suffering and at the end, an irreversible sin that will drag our soul in the realms of hell.

At one point, his eminence Phakpa Ludrup had said that our mind should be compared to inscriptions on three elements of nature; the water, the soil and the rock. He stressed that when we are to follow a karmic virtue, we should absorb such essence like the imprints left on the rock and for the sinful deeds, we should ignore and forget it like the drawings on the water.
Such in-depth of preaching from great master made me realise that it is not at all advisable to put water on the rocks and draw images on the water when situation tends to repel from us for such a deed would benefit us in achieving nothing but it is just wastage of time and resource. Flow with the free flow of river.

Living in the society filled with socialized people, we humans should develop an instinct of understanding the needs and problems of our counterparts but then the situation seems to be just the reverse. When we look at the mirror with a smile, we never expect our image to frown at us. Though all sounds don’t echo instantly, it is a regrettable action when the expected echo is never heard. After all, everything in this world is interconnected and is a resultant of continued cause and effect.

As such, life is nothing but a complexity of intricate mazes, whose doors of happiness is difficult to trace. Yet it is advisable to climb uphill to have a clear view of the valley beneath.

“Those which originate from cause,
Without that (cause), they donot exist;
So why would you uphold
That clearly they’re just like reflections!”
-         Master Nagarjuna.

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