Sunday, 12 August 2012

NGOP 2012- “Inspiring Young Leaders of Happiness.”

Though filled with anxiety and worries seeing the limited vacancies for the overwhelmingly large number of graduates this year, for a time being there is no denying the fact that our fresh university graduates are happy for they have achieved a milestone in their life by successfully completing their Bachelors Degree in the field of their interest from the colleges within and abroad. By referring this I am writing about the National Graduate Orientation Programme 2012, the most expensive, educative, ecstatic and very special programme organized by Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Royal Government of Bhutan, in which I am a part.

source: BBS.
On 9th August, we had our briefing session followed by keynote presentation on electoral process in the Kingdom of Bhutan from the Election Commission of Bhutan, which was headed by Chief Election Commissioner, Dasho Kuenzang Wangdi. In an inaugural speech, the graduates were welcomed back to the country to serve the nation and the Hon. Secretary of MoLHR, Dasho Pema Wangda on behalf of the Royal Government, presented a hearty congratulatory note and he introduced to the graduates, the theme for the weeklong NGOP 2012, “Inspiring Young Leaders of Happiness”.

Happiness is not just a jumbled word but it is a congregation of sacred letters so arranged to form a term, which every sentient beings desire to have. People by virtue of the fact that they wish to be happy, the United Nations has unanimously agreed to give it the utmost priority as an important component in the nations developmental paradigm, as the much-acclaimed term Gross National Happiness spread to the international arena from the tiny Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan. From 2013 onwards, we will be celebrating an International Day of Happiness on 20th March.

As per the schedule, starting 13th August till 18th August, the graduates will be oriented with three main components namely Policy Orientation, Cultural Orientation and Personal Development by resource speakers from various Ministries of the Government and other agencies. With the delivery of these three components, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources intent to groom and inspire the much-awaited young leaders as they are at the threshold of serving the nation with dedication, loyalty and commitment, and for Bhutan is Land of GNH, the graduates are termed the Young Leaders of Happiness.

During the writing of the Preliminary Examinations on 11th August, the passage for English Comprehension was a relevant topic. In the passage, one great personality advised the graduates to learn from mistakes and take the opportunities as it comes, because in waiting for the better opportunities, we might miss the right opportunity. The next advice from another personality was to be selfless and serve for the betterment of others and the renowned Steve Jobs advises the graduates to pursue their passion. Having read so even in the examination halls, I am sure that our graduates can pursue happiness and radiate the beams of happiness to others by being optimistic, pragmatic and dynamic in the coming days, and for now I am hopeful that we can gain the best from the NGOP 2012 and get inspired to become the True Leaders of Happiness.

Happy National Graduate Orientation Programme 2012 for all those who are attending it and make the best memories of your post university days.


  1. after going through the above reminded of NGOP 2011 as well.... inspiring one la

  2. Happy Graduates and Happy NGOP! :)

  3. It's good to see that country's government is trying to give a direction to the graduates.

    While dealing with such a large group, I hope the presenters make the sessions interesting and interactive to keep their audience hooked.

    Best of luck graduates!

  4. Thank you all for the comments and for going through my scribbles. SO far so good and interactive. Hoping so for the remaining days as well.

  5. There´s already preparatory work for the International Happiness Day out there on social networks ...