Friday, 31 August 2012

What exists beyond hope that keeps you strong?


Impermanence is a law of nature that governs the world.
The world, it’s intricate with transient phenomenon.
Man has learnt that beauty is short lived
The flowers will fade, dews will dry
So will be the mortal body as it ages and aches.
Man aspires for success, which others says is a result of hard work,
Some says god helps those who help themselves,
For others success simply comes their way with quirk of luck
Yet for few, none of these favours for fate governs the present life.
Handwork goes unpaid, and fate makes a transit twist.
God seems deaf and blesses no solution,
Luck is but a hope as ill fate overwhelms the deeds.
Clouds remain darker as ever without a silver lining,
The tunnel sees no light at its end.
Life is but a sequel of problems leaving behind an eerie nightmare,
Nights are sleepless and daylights seem doomed.
Foods seem insipid and the painful beats of heart irk the stomach.
I hoped and hoped and hoped for the best,
Amidst the mazes of disparity and mental pains,
And for the first time, I sensed that Murphy’s Law governs the world.
The beautiful part of life has gone leaving sad resonations.
The future seems blurred as the present is disturbed,
Disturbed as agony of past reverberates and the path is blocked.
In the net of tyrants, I am entangled.
Somnambulism is what haunts me every single night.
With the hopes diminishing with each passing day,
So is my mental strength which remained alive for years.
Man survive with hope, will man die with the loss of hope?
If not what will keep man alive?


  1. Great poem loaded with emotions, bro. Hope nothing bad has happened to you. Take care and I hope you discover the lost hope.

    1. Yeah bro, emotionally wrecked! Thanks for the comment.

  2. woow Great piece....

    all the best for your life. I can understand your situation......don't feel long there is tomorrow, the hope will keep rejuvenating and so must your spirit be.......take each sunrise as your hope and one day you will live to see your beautiful days.

    dont just die with just one hope. have multiple hopes and you will survive ....

    Kuenzang (PSN)

    1. Yeah, still keeping alive with hidden hopes la. Thank you for the encouraging words la.

  3. Nice piece bro!!
    Life is governed by fate though; its completely up to us as to how we respond to all that forces of our own instinct!...:)


    1. In times, it is difficult to resit the fate. Ny ways thanks for visitng Tshewang. :)

  4. As long as you believe god will be always there for you to fulfill ur hopes charo....................................................don't feel sad as things ll change each moment................may god bless u.........................