Wednesday, 10 October 2012

September Post.

Sad to learn that there was not a single post for my blog during the September month, so I post this verse which I posted as status via mobile one day before the Blessed Rainy Day on my facebook. 

Tomorrow, the heaven will weep,
It will shed tears, not of sadness but ecstasy.
The heavens tears, it won’t flood but cleanse,
Flooding off, the negative virtues and karmic sins.
 Thus you will be blessed,
Of peace and prosperity, health and happiness.
Of laughter and love not momentary but eternal.
So I wish one and all,
A wonderful day of Blessed Rain,
Soaking in it not of compulsion but joy,
 Getting rid of not positive virtues but sins.
Together with kith and kin, you shall rejoice,
With bowl


    Forget the delay, you have a wonderful post here for the October. :D

  2. :D.. and again there wont be posts for some more days. :P